Top 10 Places to Visit in Ireland ...


Top 10 Places to Visit in Ireland ...
Top 10 Places to Visit in Ireland ...

Want to know about the top places to visit in Ireland? It’s impossible to pick only ten places in Ireland and call them the best. When it comes to the Emerald Island you easily could pick one hundred places. What I’ve done with this list is given you ten places to visit in Ireland that are popular with locals. Skip Temple Bar, it’s overpriced and there are much better pubs. While some of these places are tourist traps, they are delightful places. Other places on this list you probably never have seen on an Irish vacation video. If you’re planning a trip to Ireland and don’t know anybody from there, you will need a car to get around. Remember that the Irish drive on the left side of the road. Ireland is also an ideal country to stay in a bed and breakfast so be sure to book ahead and view the BnB online before you make your reservation. Be sure to put these ten top places to visit in Ireland on your bucket list.

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Ring of Kerry

highland, pasture, grassland, ecosystem, nature reserve, Here's one of the top places to visit in Ireland! Make a drive around the circumference of ‌ ‌County Kerry in Southern Ireland. Since there is no railing and much of this drive is on the side of a cliff and you have to remember to drive on the opposite end it’s a very wise idea to rent a driver. Now, add to this the tour buses that drive coming from the opposite way. Either hire a driver or take a tour bus. It’s 120 miles around with a lot of stops. The view is like no other. To get an understanding, watch Rick Steves’ South Ireland: Waterford to the Ring of Kerry. When you see those beautiful, green aerial views of Ireland this is exactly what you’re looking at. There are no words to describe the beauty.


Cliffs of Moher

coast, cliff, coastal and oceanic landforms, headland, nature reserve, Calling all Princess Bride fans. The Cliffs of Moher are located in Western Ireland in County Clare. Be sure to arrive no later than twenty minutes before closing time. O’Brien’s Tower hours vary by season. The Cliffs View Café provides take away food up to fifteen minutes before closing. Viewing platforms are all over to view the cliffs. If you’re lucky you might see an adorable puffin. If it starts to rain, which in Ireland is common, you can go inside and check out the visitor centre. The cost is 6 euros per adult.


The Coastal Cliff Walk in Howth

coast, sea, headland, cliff, sky, Don’t worry, it’s not just another Cliffs of Moher. Howth is a northern suburb of Dublin. This fairly easy walkway allows you to get really stunning views of the city of Dublin, hang out in a local area, and exercise.


Hurling Match

sport venue, sports, player, team sport, grass, Hurling is a sport that has been played in Ireland for at least three thousand years, and I wish we had it in America. This fast-paced, energy rushing ancient game is played with a flat looking stick that sort of resembles a field hockey stick but it’s completely flat and curved at the top, and a hard ball. You can only touch it with your hand for so many seconds. After you must balance the ball and run and then whack it to another teammate. The hard ball flies as fast or faster than a baseball thrown by a professional pitcher so helmets must always be worn on the field. The goal is to get the ball into the goal. This is the fastest sport on grass. If you are able to afford tickets and don’t mind humoungous crowds, attend a hurling match. The game is fun and the guys aren’t bad looking to watch either.


Newgrange and Knowth

grassland, ecosystem, field, pasture, sky, Located in Donore, up in County Meath you must pre-book ahead of time anywhere from three months ahead to just thirty-six hours ahead. Be sure to arrive early. Tours are available for a very affordable price. So, what are Newgrange and Knowth? They are five-thousand-year-old tombs built for an ancient chief and his three sons! Older than the pyramids of Egypt and just as huge, these ancient burial mounds were built in Ireland two thousand five hundred years before the Celts even arrived! They are located near the River Boyne and have fascinating circular designs that were carved into them that have survived the test of time. There is a very strict no photos policy.


Phoenix Park or Portmarnock

tree, plant, spring, blossom, branch, Depending on the weather, temperature, and what you’re up for Phoenix Park is a local park in Dublin where the locals hang. If it’s a hot, sunny day grab your bathing suit and head to Portmarnock. This is Dublin’s beach where the locals hang out.


Kevin Woods’ Tour in County Louth

mountainous landforms, wilderness, mountain, tourism, valley, It’s time to be a kid at heart. Wait, isn’t it always time to be a kid at heart? Kevin Woods is a one-man show. Meet him at Carlingford, Ireland an hour and a half north of Dublin Saturdays or Sundays at 2pm or 14:00 in European time. Be sure to call him ahead at (0) 87-257-0539 in case he has something going on and can’t give a tour that day. Kevin will take you around on a walking tour and introduce you to the fairies and leprechauns of County Louth. Known as the leprechaun whisperer, the leprechauns’ land is protected by the government. Adults pay 5 euros, children 7 euros, and adults with children 3euros and 50 cents.


Brigit’s Celtic Garde in Galway

cemetery, grass, grave, archaeological site, memorial, Like stepping into a storybook, this magically beautiful garden is open from 10am to 5:30pm. Located in west Ireland, it’s eleven acres of magnificent gardens where Ireland’s largest sundial keeps on telling time. Tours are available to learn not only about Irish gardening, but to view the fairytale looking house and learn about Celtic heritage. 8 euros for adults, but 6 euros and 50 cents for unemployed adults and adults with a disability.


Book of Kells and Trinity College Library

arch, sky, landmark, wall, historic site, One of the top five most beautiful libraries in the world, Trinity College Library located in Trinity College in Dublin is a library that will leave you speechless, as any library should. If you have not ever seen a picture of Trinity College Library look one up. There is plenty to do in the library, and be sure to check out their treasure trove of preserved books. Speaking of preserved books, Trinity College Library is home to the ‌Book of Kells. ‌‌ There is a very strict no photos policy when viewing the Book of Kells. The Book of Kells was the first Bible written in Ireland. Although you may not be religious, this book was all written and drawn by hand in the 800s and therefore something to be marveled at. The calligraphy and artwork, and the fact a book that is over 1,200 years old and hasn’t crumpled into bits is truly amazing.


Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin

building, tourist attraction, symmetry, daylighting, window, Stand where brave heroes stood before they were shot or hanged. In 1916, Easter week, Ireland rose up against British occupation with the National Volunteers and the Irish Citizen Army fighting for Irish independence. The leaders were executed by firing squad (15) and hanging (1) May 3rd through May 12th, but their rebellion and execution set off a wave of Irish pride in the people. They were, in order of execution dates, Patrick Pearse age 36, the handsome Thomas MacDonagh age 38, Thomas Clarke age 58, who spent 15 years in English prisons, Joseph Plunkett age 28, William Pearse (Patrick’s brother) age 34, Edward Daly age 25, Michael O’Hanrahan age 39, John MacBride age 47, Éamonn Ceannt age 34, Michael Mallin age 41, Seán Heuston age 25, Con Colbert age 27, Colbert said he was glad to die for the cause, James Connolly age 47, and Seán Mac Diarmada aged 33 and also handsome.

In 1919, the Irish gained their independence. The Dáil Éiran (Parliament) was set up in 1919. You can’t help but be moved in Kilmainham Gaol knowing those men died to set Ireland free.

Wherever you choose to travel in Ireland, go with the flow and have the best time of your life.

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