Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA ...


Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA ...
Top 10 Places to Visit in the USA ...

Want to know what are top places to visit in the USA? Is it really possible to pick only ten places? Probably not, but you won’t be disappointed with this list. It has something for everybody, from those who like solitude in nature to those who want to live it up and love being around lots of people. Whether you’re planning a family vacation or you just graduated from high school and you and your best friends are going to tour the great nation we live in, be sure to add these ten top places to visit in the USA to your itinerary.

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Key West, Florida

palm tree, tree, arecales, woody plant, sky, The southern most point in the United States, Key West, Florida is a tropical paradise of fun times. Sailing, boating, swimming, clubbing, beach volleyball, relaxing warm nights on the porch, and more can all be yours. Consider renting a property for a month. Let your warries wash away on the beach. This is definitely one of the top places to visit in the USA.


Grand Canyon

badlands, rock, sky, wilderness, canyon, No matter how good the photographer, a photograph just cannot do justice to the Grand Canyon. Presentations and guided tours are available by park rangers. Transportation and hotels are available on the grounds. Did you know lightning strikes the Grand Canyon and surrounding ponderosa pine more than any other place in the world? Experience how layers of rock look different colors depending on the sun’s angle. Due to the fact that most of the Grand Canyon has no railing, small children should be strapped in strollers for safety.


National Parks of Utah

canyon, badlands, rock, wadi, national park, Bryce National Park, Zion National Park, and Arches National Park, all located in the state of Utah will take your breath away. Possibly the state with the most beautiful national parks, they are not too far from the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona, which is also in a national park. For the more adventurous type, try Utah’s national parks. Remember to always carry water and wear good sneakers.


San Francisco

metropolitan area, car, urban area, city, metropolis, Personally, my favorite city in the United States, San Francisco often gets overlooked as a travel destination. There’s so much to explore, from Chinatown to Fishermen’s Wharf to Golden Gate Park and the bridge to Ghiradelli’s to Lombard Street, America’s windiest road. When you get hungry, be sure to stop at Mel’s Diner for a bite.



city, girl, sky, fun, vacation, The windy city is home to Rotary International and some of the world’s best museums. Even if you come for a full week, you will only see a small fraction of what America’s third largest city has to offer. It's probably best not to visit in winter because of the brutal cold, and the fact Chicago is known as the windy city, but this is a nice place to visit the rest of the year. Shop on the Golden Mile, take in a show at the Navy Pier, learn new things at Chicago Science Museum, get tickets for a baseball game at Wrigley Field (did you know Mr. Wrigley and Mr. Hershey did not like each other at all?) and be sure to try Chicago’s deep dish pizza. If you’re into art, Chicago has stunning art museums. Chicago could also be considered a fashion capital of the world.


Charleston, South Carolina

waterway, water transportation, boat, sky, boating, Gorgeous! That’s the first word that will come to mind when you step foot in Charleston. Full of popping color and incredibly clean streets, Charleston has so much southern history to meet you. Check out Angel Oak, a four hundred to five hundred-year-old oak tree. Visit a tea plantation, check out the Charleston market that is hundreds of years old, visit Fort Sumter a battleground of the Civil War, go back in time in the serene Middleton Place. If you’re a kid at heart, try Charleston Pirate Tours.


Hershey Park and Gettysburg

amusement ride, sky, amusement park, tourist attraction, cloud, Even if you don’t like chocolate, I still recommend going to Hershey Park. There’s a lot more than eating chocolate and riding rollercoasters there. Try out the chocolate lab, ride the ride in the historical museum, take the singing trolley tour, walk around the exhibits, and enjoy the town of Hershey itself with its chocolate brown roads and Hershey kiss lights. Considering becoming a doctor? Hershey, Pennslyvania is home to an excellent medical school. Did you know that Hershey opened up a fully paid for school for orphans? That school is still in operation for kids with very tough lives who are from Pennsylvania. 100% go to college.

Just twenty minutes away from Hershey Park is Gettysburg. This place is extremely hot in the summer, so be sure to go off season or carry water and dress appropriately. The Gettysburg museum is large and air-conditioned, and a three-hour air-conditioned bus tour is available. Both are enjoyable and full of knowledge.


New York City

car, metropolitan area, city, urban area, yellow, A lifetime of things to explore, this city is like no other. Rated as the most diverse city in the world, New York City has something for everyone. Native New Yorkers are not mean jerks like they are portrayed in movies. Follow the rules, be a good person, and you’ll have a good time. Check out City Island in the north Bronx for some fresh seafood, visit the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn, check out Soho in the city, visit New York City’s libraries and museums, the Empire State building, and take in a show on or off Broadway. While a great city, be sure to use your street smarts.


Washington D.C., Monticello, and Mount Vernon

flower, blossom, tree, purple, cherry blossom, Whether you’re into politics or not, it’s important for us Americans to visit our nation’s capital. The Smithsonian National Institute has a wide range of museums from science and technology to Native American history. Take a walk along the Potomac where President John Quincy Adams swam naked. Washington D.C. is an absolute must in April during the cherry blossom festival. Did you know that it was a forward thinking woman, a fighter for women’s rights, who brought back cherry blossom trees from Japan to beautify Washington D.C.? Only about half an hour away from our nation’s capital is Monticello and Mount Vernon. President Thomas Jefferson’s mansion, Monticello, is an octangular brick mansion with farm grounds. See the inventions Jefferson worked on, and sadly the enslaved people he cruelly owned. In contrast, President George Washington’s Mount Vernon is a very modest farmhouse for such an extremely rich man. Did you know George Washington’s father worked for the Spencers? The ancestors of the beloved late Princess Diana. Be sure to walk around the farm and photograph the gorgeous garden.


1,000 Islands

sky, horizon, sea, shore, sunrise, Located in northern New York, it’s a place many New Yorkers have not even been to. This is the playground of the very rich and the upper middle class. From homes on private islands to people’s three million dollar summer cottages, the thousand islands is a cool paradise to visit in the summertime. You will need a boat or someone who has a boat to get to many of the places around the 1,000 islands including to a lot of the people’s houses. For those with modest budgets, there are affordable bed and breakfasts, hotels, motels, and campgrounds on Alexandria Bay, known as A bay by the locals. Enjoy meeting friendly people, relaxing, camping, and a game of putt-putt. There’s a ferry tour available. Don’t forget to visit Boldt Castle which will take a couple of hours.

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