13 Offbeat Places in Europe Every True Traveller Must See ...


13 Offbeat Places in Europe Every True Traveller Must See ...
13 Offbeat Places in Europe Every True Traveller Must See ...

Looking for offbeat places in Europe for your next vacay? There are so many wonderful offbeat places in Europe that are a traveller's dream! Given the many magical options, it can get intimidating when you're trying to choose places to visit. Check out travel blogger Haylee Renee's (of @hayleeswordsofwander ) favorite picks when it comes to the best offbeat places in Europe.

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Faro, Portugal

The often overlooked city of Faro is scenic and relaxing (we're talking GORGEOUS beaches), and it makes a great base from which to explore the rest of the Algarve region.


Kassel, Germany

Known best for the Documenta art exhibition, Kassel is an art lover's paradise. In true German style, there are also plenty of castles and the UNESCO heritage site, Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe that will leave you mesmerized.


Alicante, Spain

From stunning beaches, perfect weather, inspiring museums, a fun nightlife, and great food and drinks, Alicante has it all. There's a reason why it's called the "City of Lights".


Vernazza, Italy

Part of the Cinque Terre, Vernazza is a stunning town right out of a postcard. Visit this place for its colorful houses, delicious seafood, romantic pathways, and some spectacular Insta-worthy pictures.


Kotor, Montenegro

If history, cobbled streets, hidden passageways, and fjord like breathtaking views are your thing, you've got to put Kotor on your list. Psst...there's also a cats museum here!


Malaga, Spain

Malaga is the ultimate offbeat European destination with its lively port that is perfect for romantic walks, unique old town, historic monuments, museums, and fascinating art scene.


Blagaj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

With its unique 600 year old Dervish monastery that is nestled into a cliff and one of the most magnificent river springs in all of Europe, Blagaj is truly a sight for sore eyes.


Tivat, Montenegro

The charming coastal town of Tivat is the ideal laid back destination for travelers looking for a relaxing holiday.


Porto, Portugal

Porto is everything you're looking for in a European destination. Friendly locals, delectable food, world class port wine, sky-high miradouros, stunning architecture, and a lively nightlife....you name it and Porto has it.


Spello, Italy

A medieval hill town in Umbria, Spello will really take you back in time. Relax with a lovely glass of wine, stroll around, enjoy the views, and take in everything this quaint town has to offer.


Schwangau, Germany

Make your childhood dream come true by visiting Schwangau best known for its magical castles. Both Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau are something else!


Venlo, Netherlands

Located on the border of Netherlands and Germany, Venlo is a quaint city that is perfect for someone who loves culture and architecture.


Granada, Spain

Granada is a gem of a town especially when it comes to history and architecture. With the Alhambra fortress, the historic centre of Sacromonte, the romantic Carrera del Darro, and excellent tapas, this town should be on everyone's travel bucket list.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait to pack my bags and set off on an adventure. If you want to know more about these places and Haylee's travel experiences, check out her awesome blog: hayleeswordsofwander.com
Don't forget to follow her on Facebook: facebook.com
and Instagram: @hayleeswordsofwander

Happy travels, ladies!

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