Travel Experiences for Girls with a Sense of Adventure ...


Does lying on a beach not cut it for you when it comes to vacation?

Does the idea of wandering around city museums and urban entertainments not fill you with excitement?

If you want your vacation time to be action packed and full of adrenaline adventure, here are some ideas that will get your heart racing:

1. Volcano Trekking into the Centre of the Earth

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If you're looking for adventurous travel experiences with a difference, why not start right at the top - the top of a volcano that is.

Trekking into the bowels of the Earth just like Jules Verne's famous fictional explorers is an amazing experience.

Trekking excursions vary with the type of volcano you're about to explore.

In Hawaii, on Haleakala for example, you'll get a pretty docile volcano that's been snoozing for the last few centuries.

However, Mount Etna or the picturesque but grumpy peaks on Java are a very different matter.

Active, growling and dangerous, they offer a thrill of a life-time to adventure seeking gals.2

2. Cave Diving like Nautilus

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Sticking with the Jules Verne inspired theme: maritime adventurous travel experiences don't necessarily have to involve a fight to the death with a deadly kraken monster.

Scuba diving into cave systems is one of the most amazing and dangerous things a gal can do.

You'll need an advanced certification and specialized diving equipment before you can explore the sea's mysterious tunnels and caves, but it's an experience that is well worth the cost and effort.

Cave divers are regarded as real-life explorers, not just tourists with a snorkel and net.

Go where only the fictional captain of Nautilus has gone and explore some "20,000 leagues under the sea" - failing that, try the sinkholes of Mexico's Riviera Maya.

3. Run an Ice Marathon in Antarctica

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Ordinary marathons are far too pedestrian to make it onto this list, but running an Ice Marathon puts an adventure-hungry girl into quite a different category of badass females.

Yep, you'd be running in Antarctica.

While the marathon may be taking place in summer, you should bear in mind that arctic summers typically involve wind-chill factors of around - 20 degrees Celsius.

Founded originally to allow marathon-obsessed runners to pound the ground on all seven continents, the Ice Marathon takes place just a few hundred miles away from the South Pole, starting at the foot of the Ellsworth Mountains.

Imagine a killer penguin's on your trail: you'll be running your personal best all the way to the finish line!

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