Vacation Spots You've Seen on Reality TV That You Should Visit IRL ...

Reality TV is a big thing now and itโ€™s all over the place. You really canโ€™t get away from it. And chances are you see wonderful places and wish you could go there. If you are dying to plan a vacay to somewhere right away, how about one of these great reality destinations? You can enjoy some time away while also getting to see firsthand a place you watch on television each week when your favorite reality show airs.

1. The Lodge at Rancho Mirage, Palm Springs, California

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This is the fabulous place where Trista and Ryan got married on The Bachelor. Whether they are still together or not is totally beside the point. If you get a chance to stay at this blissful resort, it will change your life. Not only does it have any and all amenity you could ever want or need, but the breathtaking views make for some great photo ops. You can even get the โ€œTrista and Ryanโ€ package.

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