8 Must Visit Zoos around the World ...


The Worldโ€™s Best Zoos are not always the biggest, but are the ones that have managed to almost completely replicate the natural environment that the animals that live in zoos all over the world, come from.

The worldโ€™s best zoos are sophisticated and exceptionally well run, and not just a platform for plucking animals from the comfort of their own natural habitats to be on display like a road show, which perhaps they may have acquired a reputation for doing many, many years ago.

The worldโ€™s best zoos allow their animals to roam freely and behave exactly as they would do in the wild, with plenty of space to shelter, sleep and breed.

Here is a list of 8 Must Visit Zoos Around the World.

1. National Zoological Gardens, South Africa

For those of you looking for an ultimate zoo experience, look no further than the National Zoological Gardens of South Africa.

Situated in the hills of Pretoria, the biggest zoo in all of South Africa is home to more than 2500 different species of wild animals.

A true testament to the sophistication, knowledge and experience of the staff who work at and run the zoo, is the fact that almost every single one of the animals who live at the zoo today, have been born and bred there.

Boasting the single largest natural aquarium in all of South Africa itself, there is also a fascinating reptile park and incredible collective of exotic and endangered trees.

2. Animal Kingdom, Orlando, Florida, USA

Taking into account that this may not be one of the worldโ€™s largest zoos, and pretty much a commercial zoo as part of the Disney Land Theme Park collection in Orlando, the park is home to more than 1500 exotic animals, never mind the thousands of incredible bird life and species of fish as well!

Full time zoo keepers take the subject of conservation very seriously and work very hard to constantly promote nature conservation and look after the individual needs of each specific animal.

The dedicated keepers ensure that the park as is close to a natural habitat as is possible, with the least human presence they can provide.

Basel Zoo, Switzerland
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