7 Top Cities in China for Travelers ...


7 Top Cities in China for Travelers ...
7 Top Cities in China for Travelers ...

There are so many incredible cities in China, it can be a daunting task to pick just a few when visiting this vast and enigmatic Asian country. Some of the most exciting spiritual and cultural heritage sites are to be found in towns and cities in China, with some of the most breathtaking landscapes that surround you, that could have been taken right off a perfect postcard. The hugely popular tourist destination has been welcoming travelers throughout the cities of China for decades. Here are the 7 Top Cities in China for Travelers:

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The regal queen of the East, Beijing, the capital city of the Peoples Republic of China, the portal for international trade, the political hub of China and although a thoroughly modern city in every sense of the word, it is still a city that has not lost touch with its heritage, the enormous culture and spirituality, that makes China so exceptional. The ancient city is home to some world famous landmarks, such as The Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, The Summer Palace, The Temple of Heaven and The Forbidden City, to name but a few.



The ancient Chinese city of Xi’an is more than 3000 years old and served as the capital city for over 13 dynasties under the rule of 73 different emperors in its heyday. Considered to be the core of the Chinese Empire, the region is literally heaving with multiple lifetimes of culture and influence. People travel from all over the world to Xi’an to see the famous Terra-cotta Army, The Big Goose Pagoda and thousands of other ancient vestiges, unbelievable museums and the remains and relics of a life gone by.



The gateway to the future, Shanghai is the single most urbanized of all the cities in China. World class infrastructure and cutting edge technology have ensured the city’s continued prosperity continues to grow in leaps and bounds. Home to more than 23 million people, the region has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. A fascinating and intriguing combination of where east meets west, Shanghai is considered a premier, cosmopolitan city anywhere in the world.



This most glorious of cities of China situated on the banks of the Li River, is known worldwide for the resplendent back drop that it enjoys. Karst mountains pop up all over the skyline, making way for the deep emerald green waters of the rivers and lakes that surround Guilin, giving it an almost magical quality. Travelers do not have to venture out of the city too far before they find themselves in the deep, glorious basin of nature. Almost as if you have stumbled onto the set of a movie, the grand limestone mountains, the old Chinese junks that glide through the water and a little mist in the morning air, will have you madly in love in a moment.



Although once one of the major trading ports on the Great Silk Road, it lost status as Shanghai flourished under colonial rule and the import/export activities of the East India companies. Today, this modern port lacks some of the frenzy of other major cities of China, giving it a more relaxed feel. Highlights for travelers include the Tianyi Square and Pavilion and the Buddhist island of Putuoshan, one of the premier attractions of the Zhejiang region.

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Jiushaigou Sichuan

This World Heritage Site and World Biosphere Reserve is well known for its resplendent landscapes, gushing waterfalls, deeply azure and emerald colored lakes and 72,000 hectares protected area easily distinguished by the jagged skyline of snowy capped mountains. The fairytale quality of the backdrop is a haven for protected animal programs, such as the Giant Panda Breeding Research Base. Even though the region may not be classified as a big, booming city, but rather a collection of absolutely stunning villages, this is one stop on your cities in China tour that must not be missed.



This is one of the most incongruous cities in China. Known by the locals as the Chinese Switzerland, its architectural influence is distinctly Teutonic in nature. Popular as a tourist destination for decades, travelers hit town for the stunning beaches and lashings of the locally brewed beer – Tsingtao. The hilly old town is a charming delight and the crisp air coming off the mountains means a distinct lack of urban pollution that plagues other Chinese cities.

Even though the almost impossible task of choosing exactly which one of the cities in China you need to go to first, may seem daunting at first, hopefully this list of 7 Top Cities in China for Travelers will be able to help you make up your mind. Some of the best cities in China that are worth seeing, are the ones you may never have thought of in the first place. With so many amazing Chinese cities to choose from, which ones would you put on your short list?

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