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Reasons to visit Denmark are plentiful. According to very many polls, Denmark is a very happy place with a good quality of life. Although part of Scandinavia, it is probably the least ‘Nordic’ of the 5 countries and has some heavy Teutonic influences, not surprising considering it shares a land border with Germany. You’ll see that reasons to visit Denmark include some gorgeous places, some highbrow cultural activities, some fabulous restaurants and things that are just fun to do. Find your Viking spirit and indulge in any of these 10 Reasons to Visit Denmark:

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Noma, Copenhagen

Copenhagen can boast more Michelin Star restaurants than any other Scandinavian city and leading the pack is Noma. In fact, Noma, was named the World’s best restaurant in both 2010 and 2011. Chef Rene Redzepi is fanatical about foraged foods so if you’re looking for a culinary reason to visit Denmark, a meal at Noma is a very special experience.


Legoland, Billund

Lego was invented in Denmark so where better than to visit a park dedicated to the colorful building blocks. According to VisitDenmark.com, Legoland lies third on the list of most popular places to go in Denmark. As you might imagine, there’s plenty of fun for all the family.


Mons Klint, Mon Island

No list of reasons to visit Denmark would be complete without mention of some of the gorgeous scenic features. Mons Klint is a popular visitor’s attraction and are chalk cliffs which tower 420 feet up from the sea. The beautiful woods of Klinteskoven are on the cliff tops and offer plenty of tracks and trails for walking.


Tivoli, Copenhagen

Occupying the top position on the list of top places to go in Denmark is the Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world. There are 29 rides, gorgeous gardens and plenty of eateries with delicious food. Concerts are held regularly and there’s some pretty spectacular firework displays.


Hans Christian Anderson and Odense

One of the world’s greatest writers of children’s stories, Hans Christian Anderson was Danish. Reliving your childhood is an excellent reason to visit Denmark with a trip to Odense, the writer’s birthplace. Visitors can visit the Anderson childhood home and also a museum dedicated to him.

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Kronberg Castle

To be, or not to be? There’s no question that following in the fictional footsteps of Hamlet is a very Shakespearean reason to visit Denmark. Make your way to Elsinore (Helsingor in Danish) to Kronberg Castle. This immense 16th century edifice overlooks the waters of Oresund out to the Swedish coast. Kronberg was of massive strategic importance and played many a key role in the history of Northern Europe during the 16th to 18th centuries.


Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

If your vision of Danes is burly, hairy men in horned helmets rampaging over vanquished lands pillaging and raping flaxen haired beauties then the Viking Ship Museum at Roskilde is one of the fascinating places to go in Denmark. To see, there are five ancient vessels that were rescued from the harbor and exhibits and collections depicting Viking heritage.


Stroget, Copenhagen

Ok girls, if you’re not convinced yet, here’s another reason to visit Denmark – shopping in Stroget, Copenhagen. It just happens to be the longest pedestrianized shopping area in Europe. All of the best stores of Denmark are here including the expensive Magasin du Nord and Illums Bolighus. There’s a ton of souvenir shops including the retail outlet for the exquisite porcelain made at the Royal Copenhagen Factory and when you’re in need of refreshment, you won’t lack for a fast food joint.

Denmark is often quoted as being the happiest country in the world. It is a beautiful place of neat cities, gorgeous countryside and excellent public services. They welcome visitors with a hearty bonhomie and many Danes speak English very well. I’ve only touched on some of the reasons to visit Denmark – why not find out the others for yourself on your own journey.

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Also Aros and Stroget among many amazing places in Aarhus are beautiful :) my hometown!

Im from Denmark too :D lol

I'm from Denmark hahah :D <3

@Neecey Copenhagen is OK fun and Roskilde festivalen is the Best Rock festival ever ;) but Denmark IS boring ;)

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