8 Special Places to Go off the Beaten Track in Italy ...


8 Special Places to Go off the Beaten Track in Italy ...
8 Special Places to Go off the Beaten Track in Italy ...

For interesting travel Italy has plenty going for it and its admirers call it the beautiful country. Italy is a nation devoted to pleasure, from the abundant food to the magnificent and varied landscapes and exuberant fashions; travel in Italy will satisfy your heart and your soul’s desires. Italy has been awarded more Unesco Heritage sites than anywhere else on earth as well as cities full of art and affluent ski resorts, there are lots of ways to experience travel in Italy without having to spend your time amidst crowds of tourists intent on seeing the key sights. Try these 8 Special Places to Go Off the Beaten Track in Italy:

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Caprera is a beautiful little island very close to Sardinia and which has been completely turned into a nature reserve in order to protect the species of sea birds which nest there. The island is becoming increasingly popular as a tourist resort and although tourists and visitors are welcome, all construction is prohibited and the island is only accessible by boat in the summer in order to reduce traffic congestion.



Aquileia is hidden away in the north east province of Udine and the archaeological remains bear testament to its illustrious past as a powerful Roman city. The village is now a heritage site; it is surrounded by vineyards and mile after mile of green countryside. The medieval basilica in the centre of the village has gothic architecture and is truly magnificent. It is one of the most important places to travel Italy has for archaeological heritage outside of Rome.



Portofino has gone from a beautiful but insignificant little fishing village to a much sought after hideaway for international celebrities. The village itself huddles around the central square; the coastline is also one of the most famous in Europe. Designer boutiques and restaurants that specialize in fine dining are a sophisticated magnet for the glamorous and famous faces that regularly travel in Italy as well as the paparazzi that hound them.



Mantua is the artistic centre of the renaissance movement and is made up of a collection of villages which nestle in a landscape of peaceful valleys. Mantua attracts history buffs and nature lovers all of whom travel Italy to marvel at the ancient architectural sites and stroll through the hills and around the lakes that are dotted all over this truly stunning environment.



First time visitors who travel in Italy often use Cortona as a convenient base for exploring the province of Tuscany but they return time after time because of the friendliness of the locals. The whole area is steeped in history and tradition; it has numerous festivals and historical re-enactments throughout the year to celebrate its distinguished history.


Ascoli Piceno

Ascoli Piceno is famous for exquisite marble architecture and one of the most stunning piazzas in the whole of Italy. Energetic tourists are drawn to the area to hike or cycle through the woods and slopes of the mountains while those looking for a more relaxed trip are happy to wander around the local churches, villages and landmarks but whatever visitors choose to do, they are guaranteed breath taking views.



History has it that St Francis came from Asissi and established his religious order there in 1208. More contemporary visitors travel in Italy to see place which feels as though it is surrounded by his legacy and completely untouched by the centuries that has passed since then. Tiny medieval houses are tucked in between noble palaces all along the narrow streets and winding alleyways. The ancient basilica and other roman monuments integrate harmoniously with the rocky landscape and provide visitors with a completely unique experience.



Siracusa used to be Sicily’s principal city and there are traces of its distinguished past everywhere. A visit to Siracusa feels like crossing the time threshold to a thousand years ago and the influence of the Byzantine, Roman, Arab and Norman cultures can be seen everywhere. Traditional ceremonies and fiesta’s come alive in the streets of Siracusa where the town’s abundant baroque architecture unites with the stunning natural landscape.

Wherever you travel Italy will bowl you over by its special places and whether you choose budget or luxury travel Italy will welcome you with open arms. Planning is part of the fun of traveling and discovering more Special Places to Go Off the Beaten Track in Italy adds to the thrill. Where could you see yourself going?

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