7 Epic Zoos around the World You Must See at Least Once ...

There are zoos around the world in cities both big and small, so you’re never going to have trouble finding one. However, there are some that are so great and so jaw dropping that you really have to see them to believe. I’m going to do my best to convince you here, but if you really want the full effect, pack your bags, book your airline tickets and go see them for yourself. Take your kids for a trip they’ll never forget. Here are some of the best zoos around the world, though they are by no means the only good ones. Please tell me about a great zoo you’ve visited!

1. Basel Zoo, Switzerland

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This zoo can truly claim to be one of the oldest zoos still in existence. Opened in 1874, the Basel Zoo is home to more than 6,000 animals, including a dwarf hippopotamus, blue-crowned hanging parrots, lions, cheetahs, otters, tons of monkeys and more birds than you can imagine. You’ll probably want to make an entire day trip at this one because there’s so much to see. The Basel Zoo is one of the zoos around the world that you don’t want to miss.

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