8 Special Places to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day ...

Places to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day aren’t just restricted to Ireland. Celebrations occur worldwide to celebrate the day of St. Patrick, the patron saint who is considered to be the man to have brought Christianity to Ireland. Estimated to have died on this particular date, he is a national apostle of Ireland and St. Patrick’s Day is a major celebration. When the Irish moved abroad they continued to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day annually and thus began the various ways of celebrating worldwide. Every year on the 17th March, green is the color of the day wherever there is strong Irish community or Irish roots. Some of these 8 Special Places to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day will be obvious – others might surprise you.

1. Dublin, Ireland

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Of course, the best place to celebrate an Irish holiday would be in Ireland. To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Dublin transforms into a city-wide party zone from 12-17th March with street performers, artists, dancers and giant puppets roaming the street.

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