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If you think you can’t afford to visit all the fabulous places you read about in the AWS section, you’ll be interested in the airlines with the cheapest fares to Europe. You will still need to be careful when searching because a lot of factors play into what makes a cheap fare – make sure you research thoroughly and check out all the options because sometimes, even a few days either side of your chosen date can make a difference of hundreds of dollars. When you’re looking to go transatlantic, these airlines with the cheapest fares to Europe are a good place to start.

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Norwegian The 3rd largest low-cost carrier in Europe, Norwegian is perhaps the cheapest game in town, and should be one of the first places to look when looking for airlines with cheap fares to Europe. It stops at a number of major airports, like San Francisco, Orlando and London. They offer frequent specials, such as a round trip from New York to London, nonstop, starting at $518 or one from Oakland to Stockholm, round trip, starting at $488. Inter-Europe flights are also cheap, so traveling to multiple destinations within Europe doesn’t have to be expensive.



Airberlin Germany’s second largest airline started as a low-fare airline but is changing into a more traditional carrier. It operates flights from Chicago, Ft. Myers, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York/JFK and goes mostly to Germany, mainly Berlin and Dusseldorf. It also offers connecting services from a number of North American cities to a number of points in Europe. In contrast to many low-cost carriers, Airberlin still offers free in-flight snacks and drinks, along with newspapers and magazines. It offers a Best Price Guarantee, where if several conditions are met, the airline will refund the price paid to Airberlin and the cheaper fare located at another airline. It won the “Airline of the Year” award form Capital magazine in 2008, and 2 “Best Low-Cost Airline” awards. Sample fare: from New York to Berlin, booked June 18, 2014, one person, $738.04 to Berlin and $818.18 back to New York on July 18, 2014.



Icelandair This airline was once known affectionately as the backpacker’s airline because it offered cheap tickets to Luxembourg. However, now it’s difficult to consistently beat other airline’s prices. It offers flights from Reykjavik to many major US cities, with flights continuing on to many major cities in Europe. Some of the North American routes are offered only seasonally. This airline is great for those who want a no-change flight to Iceland, a wonderful opportunity for those who’ve never been there. Sample Fare: From New York to Berlin on June 17th, 2014, $745.33. From Berlin to New York, July 22, 2014, $937.67. Stopover in Reykjavik, Iceland.



Corsair Corsair is based in Rungis, France, and operates out of Paris Orly Airport. It’s the 2nd largest airline behind Air France, and offers only one flight out of North America - from Montreal to Paris. It holds the record for the most seats on a passenger aircraft, at 587 seats on its Boeing 747-400s. Sample Fare: From Montreal to Paris on May 22, 2014, $447.40. From Montreal or Paris on May 29, 2004, $351.47.


Air Transat

Air Transat Air Transat is based in Canada and is the only independent low-cost airline with its headquarters in North America. If you’re in Canada, or it’s a short trip, it’s one of the best airlines with cheap flights to Europe. It sells a lot of air-only tickets, but most of its business in based on package tours. Flights are seasonal, and depart from 15 airports in Canada to various cities in Europe and the United Kingdom. Most flights depart every few days - most flights aren’t available on a daily basis. Extra fees are charged for seating in pairs, seats with a view, and exit-row seats. Sample Fare: Montreal to Paris, round trip, leaving June 18, 2014 and returning July 18, 2014, $1,132.02.



Condor Condor is an airline based in Frankfurt, Germany. It's Germany’s third largest commercial airline based on fleet size and passengers transported. They have arrangements with other airlines that allow you to book flights for their partner airlines on their website. There is a large selection of flights from both larger and smaller airports in the western United States. Flights may be seasonal and not available year round. Sample Fare: Minneapolis to Paris on June 26, 2014, $655.99. Paris to Minneapolis on July 24, 2014, $741.99.



Meridiana Also known as Eurofly or Air Italy (a company absorbed by Meridiana), Meridiana is a privately owned Italian airline with its headquarters in Olbia, Italy. It’s well known as an airline that offers non-stop flights from the U.S. to Southern Italy. Flights take off from the US and can go to several airports in Italy but also several destinations along the Mediterranean and even into Egypt and the Canary Islands, etc. Meridiana has several reciprocal agreements with other airlines to provide even more access to the world. Sample fare: Round trip, New York to Olbia, Italy and back, travelling June 10, 2014 and returning June 19, 2014, $1054.

I hope this info helps you find some cheap flights to Europe. Europe is an amazing continent and once you’re there, it is easy to travel around cheaply to visit various countries (this might help too - travel.allwomenstalk.com). Are you hoping to visit Europe? Any countries in particular?

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+ ryanair and wizzair ;)

Very useful, thank you! I would also add Ryanair to the list.

anyone find anything under $600 roundtrip from LAX to Lyon, France??? for the Fall

what about easyjet? uk based, low cost carrier .. cheap and a relatively good airline!

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