8 Tips for Booking a Great Hotel Room ...


8 Tips for Booking a Great Hotel Room ...
8 Tips for Booking a Great Hotel Room ...

Locating the best tips for booking a hotel room is never easy. In fact, with all of the different tips for booking a hotel room, it's hard to choose which tips to follow! Well girls, I work in the hotel business and I know every trick in the book for getting a great deal on a hotel room. So, if you're ready to see how the insiders do it – take a look below! I promise, I'll be as detailed as possible for you!

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Know the Product

Girls, not every single hotel that you go to is going to be the same. A Marriott is completely different than a Courtyard. So one of my first tips for booking a hotel room is to know the product that you are booking into. This means that you've got to know if breakfast is included, if the hotel is a full service hotel, if the hotel is typically expensive. These are all things to consider!


Look up the Website

Before you even think about calling the hotel, you've got to look up the hotel website! This will really give you a feel for the hotel and will really let you know exactly what you are booking into. Trust me girls, this has saved me so many times from booking into a hotel that is … less than nice.


Check Rates before Calling

While you are on the website, why not check into the rates? Before you call, go ahead and type in your dates that you are looking at and see exactly what the hotel is selling at. That will give you a great idea of what rate you are looking at and what rates you want to play with!


Get a Group Rate if Possible

Are you booking for a group reservation? Typically, anything that has 10 or more rooms is considered a group, so why not call and see if you can get a better deal? Girls, the average group rate is about 20% lower than any rate that you see online, so make sure that you call and see if you can get something better!


Always Ask for an Upgrade upon Check in

This one is my favorite and one that I use all of the time! If you are going to be booking an expensive, full-price hotel room and say, it's on a Sunday, why not at least ask for an upgrade? Who knows, maybe the front desk agent will have a good day and will go along with it – without anymore fees!


Stay off-Peak Nights

Do you girls know what off-peak nights are? Well, those are nights that are typically not busy at the hotel. Sunday night is always a need time for hotels and typically, a hotel will give you a better deal if you are staying on a Sunday night. Thursday nights are typically good too!


Know the Competition

Another great tip for booking a hotel room is to know all of the competition. To be honest girls, you don't want to book a hotel without at least checking three different hotels. That way, you know what rates are around the area and you know exactly what you are working with. Also check different brands! Trust me, it makes a difference.


Have a Budget

Finally, know what budget you are working within when you are booking – but before you call! You don't want to just call and state that you are looking for a lower rate. What type of rate are you looking for? How cheap do you want? These are all questions you've got to consider!

So everyone, there you have it! All of my insider tips on booking a hotel room that is not only great, but that will save you some cash. So, what other tips do you ladies use when you're booking a hotel room?

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