9 Survival Tips for a Big Trip ...


9 Survival Tips for a Big Trip ...
9 Survival Tips for a Big Trip ...

Long distance travel is such an adventure, but the actual traveling can take its toll. Knowing how to survive a big trip can make the difference between arriving at your destination exhausted, or raring to go. A big trip might mean a single transcontinental flight or a backpacking trip around India, but essentially once you know how to survive a long trip, you’re set for all your travels. Here are 9 Survival Tips for a Big Trip:

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Avoid Alcohol

Once you are at your destination, you can party and drink as much as you like, but one of the key big trip survival tips you’ll get from seasoned travelers is to avoid alcohol en route. Alcohol is dehydrating and if you’re on a packed train in India or halfway up an Andean mountain, you may find that water you packed will not last. If you are on a plane, a fifteen+ hours flight is going to take its toll, so you do not want to have to contend with a hangover as well as potential jet lag.



Sleep is rejuvenating. If you want to keep going and survive a long trip without feeling completely wrung out, it is important to sleep. If you are on a plane, don’t fight sleep. If you’re taking a monumental road trip, don’t drive when you’re tired, take regular breaks – every hour is recommended.


Stay Nourished

Even though you are pretty much sitting still, your body still needs energy (especially for when you arrive and want to set out to enjoy yourself). Take plenty of water. If you can, freeze it before packing it so it at least stays cool. You also need to eat to survive a long trip. Pack healthy snacks and dried fruit, rather than starchy and sugary foods. Long release foods are best.


Comfort Factors

It’s amazing how a few little things planned in advance can make a difference and help you survive a big trip. Going back to the issue of sleeping on a plane, board with a pillow. You can always throw it away once you reach the other end. You’ll find it easier to sleep with a proper pillow than those provided by airlines. Same applies to long train trips. South East Asia and Indian train trips are a fabulous experience but if you’re saving money by going economy class you’ll be sitting on wooden benches not comfy seats.



Where your seat is can actually have a major iinfluence on how your survive a long trip. Choose your plane seats carefully. For sleeping, a window seat is preferable. If you know you like to move about, choose an aisle seat. For long train trips the same applies. Being able to rest your head against the window makes sleep easier.


Those Little Things

Comfort factors mean the difference between a horror trip and one you’ll remember as part of the experience. Regular backpackers and world travelers when asked for survival tips for big trips will invariably tell you to pack a roll of toilet tissue, and to have your toothbrush and toothpaste and wash things either in your hand luggage or immediately accessible. A wash and brush up does wonders after a long journey and as for the loo roll, well enough said.


Dress Well

Clothing also plays its part in helping you survive a big trip- being comfortable wins hands down over looking good. Don’t wear restrictive clothing and certainly wear comfortable shoes. Think about the climatic conditions you’re likely to encounter en route and be prepared. Having a sarong handy when traveling through hot countries is always a good idea for when you hit cooler areas – they’re light and don’t take up much room and are also useful if you need to cover yourself when sightseeing.



It is important, whatever way you are traveling, to know your route. Also key, is knowing your alternatives. If you miss connections, when’s the next one, or what is a different way to reach your destination. Is time factor is critical? Whatever the problem, don’t panic. Panic and distress can be very energy sapping – there is always an answer. Stay cool and work out the best solution.


Jet Lag

You’re flying halfway around the world, you’ve followed rigidly all the survival tips for a long trip, you land and bam! – jet lag. This is something you don’t know you will experience until it happens. The only thing you can do is be ready to deal with it so you can get over it, and then get on with your vacation. travel.allwomenstalk.com provides some useful advice.

These are just some pretty basic survival tips for long trips. A lot of other advice is available for every type of long trip, transport method and for practically every different country. Start with the basics and build up a portfolio of long trip survival tips for your chosen destination(s).

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