8 Tips for Affordable Ski Vacations ...


It’s winter, the snow is coming and thoughts turn to ski vacations. Generally, ski vacations don’t come cheap. On top of the travel and accommodation costs there’s ski passes, equipment hire and special clothing, and maybe a few lessons too, if you’re a novice. But winter sports holidays are exhilarating and wonderful. The swish of skis or snowboards as wonderful scenery sails past is truly breathtaking. Here’s some ways to make winter sports holidays more accessible with some tips for cheaper ski vacations.

1. Perfect Timing

OK, time now to start booking that ski vacation you’ve been going on about all summer. With your pile of glossy brochures for ski vacations scattered around and list of Internet links you’ll soon be on the first step towards your dream destination. Before starting to look, it’s best to check out the off-peak seasons in various destinations, as well as dates of their local school holidays because remember we are looking for affordable ski vacations and don’t want to pay premium rates during their high season time. Also it’ll make for quieter skiing. Make a list of pros, cons and costs of each vacation and do look out for any bargains on offer like ski passes … yes add those to your pro list.

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