10 Ways to Spend 1 around the World ...


10 Ways to Spend 1 around the World ...
10 Ways to Spend 1 around the World ...

Travelling is a part of many people’s lives whether it’s exploring iconic landmarks on city breaks or going on that beach holiday that you’ve saved for all year for, the costs all add up. Travelling on a tight budget is never going to be easy. However, millions of people live off just one dollar a day. How do they do it and what do they buy? Here are 10 ways to spend a $1 around the world.

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Cebu, Philippines – 30 Minute Foot Massage

After a tour around the idyllic countryside enjoying fields of roses and picking fresh mango you will find yourself in a kind of haven. If you’re are exploring this beautiful place on foot and watching colourful street parades you may eventually need a rest. Cebu offers thirty minute foot massages for just $1. This is a great way to spend $1 and feel wonderfully rejuvenated ready for the next leg of your sightseeing.


Croatia- Big Scoop of Ice Cream

When it’s warm you can cool off in the warm sparkling sea or have a cold glass of water but let’s be honest, nothing beats an ice cream. The ice creams in Croatia are as colourful as the Moreska dance costumes and come in a variety of flavours. For a big scoop of yummy Croatian ice cream it will only set you back $1.


Navi Mumbai- 30 Minute Ride in a Rickshaw

There’s no better way to spend your $1 than on a 30 minute Rickshaw ride in Navi Mumbai. The Rickshaw allows you to soak up some culture and enjoy the city from a different angle. Spend your $1 and see how and where the people of Mumbai live.


Italy- 500g Box of Spaghetti

Italians are renowned for their love for pasta. Here you can get a whole box of spaghetti for just $1! After a day of seeing the beautiful streets where everywhere feels like you have crept into a renaissance painting, you are bound to need to re-fuel. What better way to restock your energy than with a box of pasta with enough left from your $1 for a topping too? Surely, this is one of the better ways to spend $1, because it will feed family or friends too.


Kent, England- a Loaf of Bread

Kent is called “the garden of England” and it very much is. Here you have easy access to beaches and an abundance of countryside. You could use your $1 loaf of bread to snack on whilst enjoying the pastoral views or you could feed it to the friendly ducks at the local pond.


Cambodia- 20 Minute Fish Pedicure

Travelling is tiring. You can rest your feet in some warm water and have the fish do all the hard work of treating your feet. Doctor fish are all the rage in many places now and it’s good to know this is one of the ways you can spend $1 around the world and not have to pay the exorbitant salon prices back home.


Malaysia- Breakfast

It’s lovely to be away from home but we always miss those little comforts. Whether it be the dog, that TV show you just can’t miss or simply a cup of tea and some toast. In Malaysia you can get both a cup of tea and some toast for $1.


Vietnam- Three Pairs of Flip Flops

Everybody you left at home will be secretly wishing for a souvenir, just a token to say you have been thinking of them while you were away. In Vietnam you can get three pairs of flip flops for just $1. What a marvellous way to spend $1 and let your loved ones know you were thinking of them!


Turkey- Half a Pint of Beer

It’s been a long day shopping in the Turkish markets negotiating those prices. Now it’s the evening and you can put on your new glad rags that you couldn’t resist and kick back with an ice cold half pint. In Turkey you can get that for just $1.


Vienna- Bus Ticket

Take public transport to save your legs and the environment! A $1 bus ride from your central hotel can take you to the Museum of Applied Art and its free entry so no need to spend any more of those dollars.

You can spend $1 around the world in so many ways. Buy souvenirs to remember your trip, eat food the locals eat, gain entry to a fabulous attraction, get from a to b, the list is seemingly endless it just depends on where you are. With a little imagination that $1 can take you a long way and deliver up a multitude of experiences.

Has anyone got any more valuable ways to spend $1 around the world?

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