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10 Travel Tips for Vegetarians and Vegans ...

By Neecey

If you need some vegetarian travel tips, look no further. Being a vegan or vegetarian when you are traveling is no harder than being one at home. Many people are fearful because at home, you have a safety buffer. You know where all the vegan stores are near you and you know how to read all of the labels on your local foodstuffs. It may be a little more confusing in another country, but learning new vegan symbols is not difficult, and many items are obviously vegan. Do not forget that if you cannot find anything other than roast chicken sellers that nobody is going to force you to eat it. Take a few vegan and vegetarian travel tips from this list and use them to put your mind at ease, that no matter where you go in the world, you will not have to compromise your principles.

1 Consider Carrying a Picnic

You don’t have to pack a hamper; life is not a Disney movie. You should however take a few items of food out with you. This is one of the most useful vegetarian travel tips because it is easy, convenient, simple to instantly implement, and will save you from being forced to pay higher prices when you are hungry. Your local stores should hold plastic containers of all shapes and sizes. Try to find a few hardwearing ones that allow you to create a vacuum of air in the container. It will extend the life of your food whilst you are moving around.

2 Plan Your Trip and the Places You Are Going to Eat

Few people have the luxury of doing this, but even if you find out where your hotel is, you can still do a little bit of research online. Find a few emergency places for if you are very hungry. Plan out where you can go whenever you're able.


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3 Go on Vacation with Other Vegetarians or Vegans

This makes life so much easier because everybody is motivated to find good food and you can share vegetarian travel tips. You will not be sat outside a hamburger bar whilst everybody ignores your plea to search out somewhere that doesn’t cover their salad in beef fat.

4 Learn the Foreign Logos and Words That Mean Vegetarian and Vegan

The most practical of the travel tips for vegans I can share with you is this one. Each country has different logos that mean vegan, and some of them are going to surprise you. If you find out the foreign word for “Vegan” and the foreign vegan symbols, then you will avoid missing some great vegan food tasting opportunities.

5 Go on a Self-catering Vacation

This sounds like the most obvious of travel tips for vegetarians and vegans. This is the easy answer to a hard question, but do not assume that just because you go self-catering that it will be easy. Do not forget that you will be away from your hotel or holiday home for most of the day. Don’t forget that cooking three times per day is a hassle, and if you have trouble finding vegan stores, then you will be boiling potatoes more often that you would like.

6 Pick a Vegan Friendly Hotel

In the western world there are some that make it clear that they have a vegetarian and vegan option. There are also Asian and Middle Eastern cultures (such as India) where an establishment without a vegetarian and vegan option is described as weird. Remember some places are purely vegetarian too – South India for example.

7 Stock up when You Come across a Vegan Friendly Store

This is one of the vegetarian travel tips that you probably already do, but try to stock up on dry goods too. Fill up your pantry as well as your fridge. The ability to snack through the day is going to stave of hunger until you can find suitable establishments

8 Try a Few Smartphone Apps

These are handy if you do not have the luxury of planning your holiday in advance. You can download apps that give you the locations of vegan friendly restaurants, hotels and stores. The app is especially helpful if you are in a country where you do not know the language. There’s always someone producing apps full of handy advice for vegetarian travelers. Don’t forget there are websites too.

9 Ask to Preview Menus

You can sometimes do this before you start traveling. Other times you can call ahead and find out if the restaurant, hotel or café has a vegan option.

10 Learn about and Try Foreign Vegetables and Fruit

It is all well and good advising people to resort to eating fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds if they have trouble finding vegan food, but many forget that this can be an experience. Try out all of the weirdly shaped vegetables and funny colored fruit. A Brazil nut from Brazil may taste all the better, a Kiwi from New Zealand may be all the more flavorful. This is the chance to really test your taste buds and try new things.

I think these travel tips for vegetarians show that there’s no limit to vacations no matter what your food habits and principles are. Being a veggie is very normal these days and you are a social group far better catered for now than years ago. Take the opportunity to really delve into foreign cuisines and make the most of your vegetarian travel experience. Are you a vegetarian who has encountered problems with food on vacation?

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