7 Ways to Experience Norway ...

Norway is one of the most gorgeous countries in the world. Nestling in the skirts of the Arctic Circle, the beauty of the landscape has been sculptured by ice, snow and water. Mountains and valleys, and of course, the famous fjords, are the setting for vibrant towns and tiny fishing villages. There are more things to do in Norway than winter sports and there are interesting places to go in Norway that will charm and delight. I’ve only got time and space to let you know about just a few things to do in Norway but, trust me, these will be worth the column inches, and there’s plenty more for you to discover for yourself. Here’s the 7 places to go in Norway I’ve chosen for you to get a real flavor of this Scandinavian gem.

1. Stand on Preikestolen

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If you don’t have a head for heights you are going to miss out on not only one of the most extraordinary places to go in Norway, but in the world. Preikestolen – known as Pulpit’s Rock in English – is a lookout without peers. You have to hike two hours from Stavanger to reach the outcrop ledge that literally hangs 600m over Lysefjord, but boy is it worth the effort. The breath taking view cannot be described – it has to be experienced. Just don’t go too close to the edge!

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