9 Best Cities for Vegetarian Travel ...


9 Best Cities for Vegetarian Travel ...
9 Best Cities for Vegetarian Travel ...

Vegetarian travel used to be something we associated with hippies and bohos backpacking their way through India, Thailand and South America. How things have changed. As the world has embraced vegetarianism as a chosen way of life, so have all the things associated with not eating meat. In the past, finding vegetarian food in many locations around the world was something of a struggle with many people seeing vegetarianism as far from the norm but thankfully now, there are many vegetarian restaurants throughout the world with some excellent cuisine on offer so vegetarian travel is a great deal easier. Let’s take a short visit to the cities where the vegetable is king!

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thailand has always been a Mecca for vegetarian travel and its second largest city, Chiang Mai has a wealth of vegetarian meals. With many vegetarian and vegan eating places, this can be the perfect place for travelers to pick up a delicious vegetarian meal easily. Thailand has a vegetarian festival each year and good fortune is said to fall upon those who adhere to the rituals of the festival and the strict ten day vegetarian or vegan diet.


Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver now hosts a large number of vegetarian eateries and markets where organic natural ingredients can be purchased. Meals with vegetables, soy and tofu are widespread so whatever your taste, there are plenty of vegetarian options. With various styles of vegetarian and vegan food available all around Vancouver, this trendy city can be a haven for vegetarians and a highly recommended location for vegetarian travel.


London, England

Over the years, London’s cuisine has changed immensely. With restaurants serving not only a range of unique vegetarian meals inspired from locations all over the globe, but there are often many meat free substitutes for sausages and meat alternatives for tasty dishes such as Spaghetti Bolognese. London is now one of the best travel destinations for vegetarians to enjoy a delicious feast as well as enjoying all the sights and history of this fabulous city.


Bangalore, India

Bangalore is not only an interesting and wonderful place to visit but there are a wide range of vegetarian restaurants serving delightful meals in many locations throughout the city. Vegetarian fare is very easy to find and Udupi restaurants are not only popular, but there are many within Bangalore. Udupi cuisine takes its name from a town on India’s southwest coast and is often considered the trademark cuisine of South India.


Sydney, Australia

Australia’s golden city holds a large amount of vegetarian eateries and with many vegan options also. Marked clearly on menus and the windows of restaurants, it is easy to find vegetarian or vegan fare and with various snacks in cafes and stores Sydney is one of the best places for vegetarian food in the world.


San Francisco, USA

Relaxed and laid back, San Francisco is an amazing place not only for the sights and bustling city life, but also for the wide range of tasty vegetarian food on offer. With tofu and vegan ice cream, fresh produce from the valleys imaginatively used and presented, there is something for everyone when it comes to food in this attractive location. There is a rumor that they can even make wheatgrass juice taste good in San Fran.


New York, USA

On the other side of the United States, New York is bustling with every food choice imaginable. Whatever you are looking for food wise, you can guarantee that New York has the perfect place for you. With vegan and vegetarian food available in so many restaurants, cafes and with a large range of natural food stores, the hardest decision you will need to make is what to try first!



Singapore is a vibrant location and very much a favorite for vegetarians as there are plenty of veggie choices to tempt your taste buds. There are exclusively vegetarian restaurants making the choice of what to have to eat even easier without having to worry about which meals are meat free so Singapore could be one of the best places for vegetarian travel. With delicious fresh ingredients and the magical mix of herbs and spices, Singapore vegetarian cuisine is simply fabulous.


Mumbai, India

It is believed that Mumbai in India has one of the largest populations of vegetarians in the world and so this is the ideal place to select from a wide choice of vegetarian meals and restaurants. The supermarkets and restaurants in Mumbai clearly label vegetarian options and so it is easy to make the choice, and many meat free alternatives are available so there is plenty of delicious food to choose from.

Vegetarian travel doesn’t have to be tricky and with careful selection, there are many locations where it is easy to get a tasty vegetarian meal without any fuss. Are you a vegetarian who has visited somewhere and it has been difficult to find somewhere to eat?

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