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10 Top Places to Teach English Abroad ...

By Neecey

Do you have ambitions to teach English Abroad? Teaching is one of the most fulfilling occupations a person can have. Going to teach English abroad is extremely admirable, as not only will you be able to see new parts of the world which otherwise may have been closed to you, but you will also be empowering the children you come into contact with. English is the international language and is still growing in usage around the world so you might find yourself teaching adults too. There are various countries in need of people to teach English abroad, so how do you choose which would be right for you? Here is a list of some of the best countries to really hone your skills.

1 Russia

The demand for English teachers in Russia is at an all-time high. With the fall of Communism in 1990, Russia has making major inroads into the global marketplace and for the country to continue developing, they are in dire need of better English education for Russian children. The English First programme, as well as BKC international are great ways to find places to teach English abroad, and specifically in Russia.

2 South Korea

South Korea is a fascinating country with a profound culture and a growing economy. Teachers are sought after and with a bachelor’s degree, you can find placements for a year through Dave’s ESL Café


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3 Saudi Arabia

If you are looking to make a career of teaching English in a foreign country, then the middle-east if where you want to be. If you are willing to embrace the cultural differences – living in Saudi Arabia will be a different life to what many native English speakers are used to – then you should check out Bayt for vacancies.

4 Brazil

Getting work visas in Brazil is a lengthy process but the country is very keen to ‘internationalize’. Brazil is emerging as one of the biggest economies in the world, and so English teachers are in very high demand. A couple of places to check out for vacancies to teach English are CEL LEP and Alumni

5 Italy

Who really needs convincing to teach English abroad if the country in question is Italy - a place of fabulous cities, wonderful coastlines, a true hotbed of arts and culture and history of worldwide significance. The TESOL programme can fix you up with a school. For a list of placements available, see:

6 Japan

A quick Internet search will probably give you many results for English teaching vacancies abroad and particularly in Japan, because of the growing demand in Asian countries for an English education. The AEON school is the largest in Japan so if you are looking to really broaden your cultural experiences, definitely consider teaching English in Japan.

7 Mexico

If you have a TESOL certificate and a degree, then Mexico offers many positions to teach English. You are unlikely to find a job easily before you arrive, but once you are in the country then you will probably find work teaching English without much difficulty. ESL Employment have very good resources for getting into Mexico as a teacher:

8 China

China is very popular among English teachers due to the good salary and perks which come with graduate jobs in China. The Journey East company is very good, especially if you want an internship to get into the teaching field.

9 Thailand

Thailand is a country of stunning beauty and high on the tourist agenda but many graduates are turning to this wonderful place to teach English. Almost 400,000 graduates work with the American University Alumni School to teach in Thailand. See the website for more information:

10 Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a fairly easy country to enter (unlike, say, Brazil), so if you are struggling to find work as an English teacher abroad, then this may be an option for you. The Prague Post is a brilliant resource for finding vacancies in teaching English.

Finding places to teach English abroad is becoming a lot easier. Teachers can fly across continents to share their gifts of language in many cultures; many find themselves teaching in multiple countries over the course of their career. This guide is not exhaustive, and a lot of research will be required before finding a job abroad, but the experience will be well worth it in the end.

Is teaching English abroad something you see yourself doing?

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