8 Amazing Eco Friendly Hotels ...

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8 Amazing Eco Friendly Hotels ...

Each of the following 8 amazing eco friendly hotels are special in the sense they have a similar goal in mind; to make less of an impact on the earth while still offering the comforts of a hotel to paying visitors. The following list of hotels finds ways to save energy and water and reduce the amount of waste they create. Maybe you’ll choose one of the hotels from this list next time you happen to be traveling.

Table of contents:

  1. the fairmont royal york – toronto, ontario, canada
  2. the james – chicago, illinois, usa
  3. scandic grand place brussels – brussels, belgium
  4. bertrams hotel guldsmeden – copenhagen, denmark
  5. the bush hotel – carrick on shannon, leitrim, ireland
  6. urbn hotels shanghai – shanghai, china
  7. manly lodge – manly, sydney, new south wales, australia
  8. rafayel on the left bank – london, england

8 the Fairmont Royal York – Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A towel and sheet reuse program is in place, which means customers don’t receive a fresh set of towels and sheets each day. Instead, they are supposed to sleep on the same set of sheets and use the same towels until they decide they need them replaced with clean ones. There are organic and eco-friendly foods served, guests are educated on how to be more ‘green’, and even staff members are trained in the ‘green’ methods which need to be used.

7 the James – Chicago, Illinois, USA

Besides offering non-smoking rooms and eco-friendly food, this hotel also has a towel and sheet reuse program. Energy conservation is practiced, recycling bins are provided in the hotel and in guest rooms, and staff and guests alike are educated in ways to be ‘green’. Disposable service items aren’t use either, only very durable items that can be used over and over again.

6 Scandic Grand Place Brussels – Brussels, Belgium

All rooms are non-smoking in this hotel and staff, as well as guests, are educated on how to be ‘green’. The greenness of the hotel is promoted in PR and the hotel also participates in many ‘green’ programs. Water and energy conservation is practiced and products such as soap and other similar amenities are purchased in bulk. Recycling bins are placed in guest rooms and around the hotel. There is also a reuse program for towels and sheets.

5 Bertrams Hotel Guldsmeden – Copenhagen, Denmark

This hotel advertises plenty of fresh air, all non-smoking rooms, and the food served is organic and eco-friendly. Recycling bins are provided and non-disposable items are used to reduce the amount of waste produced. Energy for the hotel is purchased from a company that uses windmills, watermills, solar energy, and bio-fuels to produce energy. All suppliers products are purchased from are either local, fair-trade and/or organic.

4 the Bush Hotel – Carrick on Shannon, Leitrim, Ireland

Recycle bins allow guests to do their part in helping to reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills, toiletries are purchased in bulk and provided on a need-to-have basis instead of being placed in every room, and a sheet and towel reuse program is provided. There are non-smoking rooms, eco-friendly cleaning products are used, items are purchased locally as much as possible too. When products are purchased from suppliers, no shrink wrap, bubble wrap, or other non-recyclable containers are accepted. Energy and water conservation practices are used and the overall greenness of the hotel is promoted, as well as maintained by guests and staff members.

3 URBN Hotels Shanghai – Shanghai, China

A sheet and towel reuse program is in place with this hotel, as well as implementing water conservation techniques, putting recycling bins in rooms and around the hotel grounds, conserving energy, using non-disposable products, and providing a ‘green’ education to staff and guests. Xeric gardens are used to beautify the hotel grounds, which means little to no water is required to maintain it. Newspapers are offered only to those who want them, instead of being placed outside the door of every guest.

2 Manly Lodge – Manly, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

A sheet and towel reuse program is in place at this hotel and it is 100 percent non-smoking. This hotel doesn’t use products tested on animals and they also opt for biodegradable and/or recycled products. Free Range and Fair Trade food items are chosen as well. Locally made products and services are chosen above everything else when supplying items for this hotel.

1 Rafayel on the Left Bank – London, England

Non-smoking rooms are available throughout the hotel, environmental cleaning methods are used, water and energy conservation is practiced, and a reuse program for both sheets and towels is offered. Xeric gardens are placed outside as well. An in-depth recycling program is in place, from using recycled leather on furnishings to all paper and glass. No plastic is used, electronic newspapers are provided, the spa uses natural and organic products to conduct their services, and a water-purification system is in place within the hotel.

If you are looking for more information on any of the 8 amazing eco friendly hotels mentioned above, visit their website. This is an excellent group of hotels striving to do what they can to reduce the carbon footprints left on the earth. You can also find a longer list of eco-friendly hotels at this link: EcoHotels. What environmentally friendly hotels have you stay in or heard of?

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