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Travel questions are fun – after all, who doesn’t love a mystery? How did it get there? Does it exist? What happened to it? Is it real? These are all fun travel questions you can make a part of your itinerary. Of course, some of these are mysteries that have puzzled us for centuries and because they remain unanswered, there’s plenty of opportunity to find your inner Sherlock and unravel the clues. Hitch up your mystery machine, knot your Velma scarf around your neck, pack some Scooby snacks and set out to resolve some of the great travel questions.

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Does the Yeti Exist?

This is one of the travel questions most mystery lovers are still seeking answers for, though so many scientists have stated the Yeti is just a myth. Over 6 feet tall, with an ape-like stature, matted coat and yellow skin, the Yeti supposedly roams high up in the Himalayas. Though thousands of sightings have been reported, none provided clear proof of its existence. Why not head to the mountains and seek the truth yourself?


Is the Loch Ness Monster Just a Myth?

Is the Loch Ness Monster Just a Myth? One of the most publicized travel mysteries, the Loch Ness monster, a dinosaur-like creature, allegedly haunts the murky waters of the famous lake bearing the same name. Thousands of locals, tourists and even scientists claim they have actually seen Nessie. Considering the depth of the lake, who knows what’s hidden beneath its dark waters?


Who Made Those Scribbles in the Gobi Desert?

Who Made Those Scribbles in the Gobi Desert? In Gobi’s Havsgait Valley, there is a series of petroglyphs featuring hunting scenes, horses, fish and deer – but not only. Among them, you can spot some very strange doodles that we still can’t find an explanation for. Were they man-made? Or did aliens try their hand at rock painting? Head over there and see if you can find the answer to one of the most bizarre travel questions!


What’s up with the Stone Spheres in Costa Rica?

What’s up with the Stone Spheres in Costa Rica? The 300 man-made stone orbs found on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica may be one of the most puzzling travel enigmas in the world. Despite the in-depth research carried out, archaeologists simply cannot figure out their meaning or purpose. Maybe you’ll be the lucky one to find the answer?


How do the Sailing Stones Move?

In Death Valley, California, there are around 150 stones that seem to slide across the surface without any “outside help.” And the weirdest thing is that nobody has actually ever seen them gliding – there are just the tracks left behind that stand proof of the stones’ “restless nature." Theories explaining this mystery range from magnetic force fields to strong winds or even alien intervention. Where does the truth lie?


How Did They Build the Pyramids of Giza?

How Did They Build the Pyramids of Giza? Designed to last forever and reaching over 300 feet in height, the famous Pyramids of Giza are considered a true architectural masterpiece even by today’s standards and considering our current technologies. But they were built over 4,000 years ago – which gives birth to one of the most puzzling travel questions ever. Considering the primitive building techniques they had back then, how in the world did they manage to build them?


Does the Tasmanian Tiger Still Exist?

Does the Tasmanian Tiger Still Exist? The famous Tasmanian tiger was officially reported extinct in the 1980s, though the last known specimen died captive in 1936. However, reported sightings of this dog-like feline still emerge even nowadays, giving birth to the suspicion that the tiger still roams the ancient forests of Australia. Wouldn’t you love to spot this amazing creature and be the one to find the answer to one of the most hope-inspiring travel mysteries?


How Did They Build Angkor Wat?

How Did They Build Angkor Wat? Angkor Wat is one of the hugest religious monuments this world has ever seen. The 5 square mile large monument was built in the twelfth century, using around 5 million tons of stone – and they managed to finish it in just a couple of decades! How did they manage to move the huge bricks from 30 miles away? And how did they shift all that stone to build the over 200 foot high towers? Legends say that either the gods have lent a helping hand, or – again – aliens had something to do with all this.


What Lies behind the Marfa Ghost Lights?

What Lies behind the Marfa Ghost Lights? About 10 miles East of Marfa, Texas, some big, glowing, reddish orbs flicker in the sky at night, changing color, dividing and merging in the most peculiar manner. Despite the in-depth research conducted attempting to find out what creates these “ghost lights,” nobody has managed to offer a conclusive scientific explanation. When in Texas, head over to the site where such sightings have been reported. Who knows, maybe you’ll see the lights too and be the one to answer one of the most baffling travel questions since the 1800s.

As you can see by the mysteries posed here, travel isn’t just about looking at attractive things and experiencing new culture, it can work your little grey cells too. Which of these travel questions would you most like to answer?

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