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If you’re looking for somewhere special the whole brood can enjoy, there are some fabulous family vacation destinations for 2014 being recommended by travel industry experts. Family vacations are all about making sure there is plenty for all ages to see and do and if you go on hols as a multi-generational unit, the destination can be problematic. Here are some family vacation destinations for 2014 that fit the bill on all fronts.

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Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan Tokyo is one of the best destinations for family vacations in 2014! This amazing city has something for everyone, and seems to exist in different times all at once. From ancient refinement and historically significant sights to cutting edge pop culture and electronic diversions, theme parks and endless shopping, there is no lack of things to see or do. Additionally, the cleanliness, safety, and convenience of this capital make it ideal for families of all ages.


Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia For an affordable trip to the tropics, consider Bali! Clear, calm waters are perfect for snorkeling and you can have fresh seafood dinners on the beautiful beaches. Enjoy the familiar thrill of a waterpark or swing off the beaten path (literally) with a visit to a treetop adventure park. Ride elephants in a safari park, or explore a forest monkey sanctuary.


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic Taking the family to Prague is the closest you will come to a real-life fairytale. There are castles upon castles to visit, including Prague Castle – the world’s largest. There are also multiple horse drawn carriages to be ridden and story-book train rides. There is the Franciscan Garden and children’s playground near Wenceslas Square (yes, that Wenceslas) and an abundance of cookies, cakes and treats at the excellent cafes around the city. After the youngsters have a sugar crash, the adults can take a river cruise, enjoy some opera or historical sites, or hit up the shopping and nightlife!



Egypt Thankfully, governments have lifted some of the travel warnings about Egypt meaning it can take its place among the family vacation destinations for 2014. Travel back to the beginnings of civilization, float down the Nile River, and explore the ruins in Luxor. Indulge in the multitude of open-air bazaars and be awed by the pyramids. You can even take in a round of gold in their shadows! Ride a camel and kick back on the shores of the Red Sea for hard to beat vacation memories!


Costa Rica

Costa Rica Families will never forget a vacation to Costa Rica. The plants and animals in the jungle here are unlike those anywhere else on earth! In fact, the density and bio-diversity of this small nation make it one of the top eco-tourist destinations. Raft one of the many rivers, visit the pristine beaches, or trek through the rainforest. Do the most good and combine your trip with one of the numerous volunteer opportunities in the country, from turtle preservation to community development.


Santa Fe, New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico If far flung travel is beyond your budget expectations you might be looking for US family vacation destinations for 2014. For a fun family adventure right next door, but seemingly a world away, don’t sleep on Santa Fe! This southwestern playground won’t require and passports, visas or vaccinations for travel if you're American, (but worth it if you're not), and you’ll still feel like you are half-way around the world. The wide open spaces offer something for the artistic and imaginative to the athletic and adventurous. Take a hot air balloon ride over the Rio Grande, check out the multitude of galleries and art classes, or seek balance with spa and yoga retreats.


Andalusia, Spain

Andalusia, Spain Flamenco, fiestas and fabulous food await in Andalusia, Spain. This largest autonomous region in the country is home to a wide variety of geographic features which offer diverse vacation activities. There are snow-capped mountains and sandy beaches, with deserts and grasslands in between. Take a weeklong bike ride and cover the 200 km between the region’s major cities – Seville (home of the flamenco and bullfighting) and Malaga (home of Picasso). Stop often for tapas – the little plates of hot or cold food commonly associated with Spain. They were invented in this region and feature fresh seafood, superb ham, and famous Andalusian olives. Enjoy them with a glass of wine, or fresh OJ for the kids.

There are fabulous destinations for family vacations in 2014 all over the world. Where have you got your eye on?

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Every country is beautiful by its own right and every country is enjoyed differently, by different people.. By their own right! I personally loved Egypt and thought it was beautiful but I love travelling and visiting different places. This article is saved!! Definitely visiting one of these places on the list!!!

I would love to visit Egypt!

Why not take a trip through America first?

Are you from Egypt Nada? - I hope not because you shouldn't really be discouraging people to visit your country.

Indonesia is looking like a place I'd like to visit some day! I never realized it's beauty until recently

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