8 Traditional British Seaside Towns ...

If you say traditional British seaside towns to a Brit, images of striped deckchairs on the pier, knotted hankies, fish and chips and saucy postcards come to mind. There was a time, where indeed, this pretty much summed up British seaside towns – add in a fairground, slot machine arcades, donkey rides on the beach, and inclement weather, and you pretty much had it covered. But, time moves on and things change. Whilst many of those characteristics remain, they’ve been added to and improved. Here are 8 Traditional British Seaside Towns definitely flying the flag and worthy of a visit:

1. Blackpool

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Blackpool is the Grandaddy of all British seaside towns. Boasting its own rival to the Eiffel Tower, the piers are long and the beach even longer. There’s a massive fairground, known as Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the iconic Golden Mile – a stretch of shops, pubs and amusement arcades (slot machines). Donkey rides are a mainstay of the sands and trams still run along the prom. Every year, thousands of visitors descend on the town for the holiday lights. The Blackpool Illuminations are one of the most popular attractions in Britain.

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