10 Best Beach Towns to Celebrate 4th of July ...


10 Best Beach Towns to Celebrate 4th of July ...
10 Best Beach Towns to Celebrate 4th of July ...

If you’re planning a seaside break for one of the biggest party days of the year, you need to know the best beach towns to celebrate 4th July.

It’s nearly that time of year again. The first week of July contains a holiday all Americans love to celebrate with big parties and even bigger fireworks! The 4th of July is always a great excuse to get away for a few days and combine your national celebration with a long weekend, so the only decision that you have to make is where exactly you want to go! Allow me to help you out a little bit and whittle down the options. Here are ten of the best beach towns to celebrate 4th July.

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Bristol, Rhode Island

reflection, bridge, dawn, sky, sunset, Bristol hosts the nation’s oldest Fourth of July celebrations, which pretty much makes it the number one destination for anybody who is looking to celebrate in true authentic style! It doesn’t hurt that the destination is also quaint and beautiful!


Bristol, Rhode Island is a charming coastal town with a population of just over 22,000. Located in the eastern part of the state, Bristol is known for its historic architecture, picturesque waterfront, and miles of pristine beaches. It is also the home of the nation’s oldest Fourth of July celebration, which has been held annually since 1785.

The Fourth of July celebration in Bristol is a full day of festivities that includes a parade, a re-enactment of the Declaration of Independence, a fireworks display, and live music. The parade is one of the most popular events, featuring marching bands, floats, and local dignitaries. The re-enactment is held in the town’s Independence Park, where the original Declaration of Independence was read in 1776.

The fireworks display is one of the most spectacular in the region, and takes place over Bristol Harbor. The show includes over 1,000 fireworks and is visible from various points around the harbor. Live music is also featured throughout the day, with bands playing a variety of styles, including jazz, rock, and country.

In addition to the Fourth of July celebration, there are plenty of other things to do in Bristol.


Long Beach, California

photograph, vacation, girl, fun, honeymoon, If you have kids, then why not take them to Long Beach so they can compete in the annual Great American 4th of July Kids Bike Parade! It’s a red, white and blue bonanza that is unique to the California location, one of the best beach towns for 4th July celebrations.


Southport, North Carolina

sky, stemware, shore, sea, water, This place as named the Happiest Seaside Town in 2015, and it still possesses that positive nature to this day. It hosts two parades, a full day of beach events and a sailing regatta, plus many more delights that you will have to see for yourself!


The charm of Southport is undeniable, with its quaint shops and restaurants dotting the waterfront. On the Fourth of July, the streets come alive with music, food stalls showcasing local delicacies, and art vendors selling unique crafts. Fireworks dazzle over the Atlantic, casting a glow on the boats bobbing in the marina. The community spirit is infectious, with residents welcoming visitors to join in the festivities as if they were long-lost friends. It's a slice of coastal Americana where traditional values and modern celebrations blend seamlessly, ensuring memories that last a lifetime.


Traverse City, Michigan

girl, tree, water, leg, path, One of the Great Lakes beach towns, Traverse City has Fourth of July coincide with their National Cherry Festival, so you get to enjoy Independence Day with a breakfast of irresistible cherry pancakes!


St. Augustine, Florida

property, leisure, resort, water feature, hacienda, St. Augustine obviously has amazing weather going for it, but you will also be able to enjoy an amazing fireworks display that goes on for twenty minutes and features more than 5000 exploding shells!


In addition to the spectacular fireworks, St. Augustine is brimming with historic charm that adds to the festive atmosphere. Imagine witnessing the sparkle of fireworks over the ancient Castillo de San Marcos and along the scenic waterfront. During the day, the town's sandy beaches and quaint cobblestone streets offer perfect family-friendly activities. Dive into the local culture with historical reenactments, or simply relax in one of the many cozy cafes or boutiques. Whatever your pace, St. Augustine serves up a 4th of July with a side of timeless elegance.


Murrells Inlet, South Carolina

sky, horizon, sea, pier, cloud, This is something of an undiscovered gem just a mere ten miles up the road from the more famous Myrtle Beach. Everything here is pretty much all focused on the glorious water, including a boat parade and a fireworks show based out of the marshwalk.


The town's tranquil atmosphere is perfect for those looking to escape the hubbub of Myrtle Beach, yet it still knows how to celebrate in style. Families, tourists, and locals alike gather along the picturesque MarshWalk, a waterfront boardwalk dotted with charming seafood restaurants and vibrant bars, to view the dazzling pyrotechnics. Earlier in the day, they also enjoy the festive boat parade, where vessels are adorned with patriotic flair. The blend of small-town charm and patriotic spirit makes Murrells Inlet an idyllic setting for a laid-back 4th of July.


Huntington Beach, California

clothing, shoulder, girl, vacation, leg, Know more commonly as Surf City USA, this is the perfect beach town to visit, not just on Fourth of July! If you’re looking for sand, surf and a whole lot of partying, then this should be your first choice for sure.


Huntington Beach truly comes alive during the Fourth of July with a spectacular parade that's been a tradition for over a century. The streets buzz with an eclectic mix of floats, bands, and community groups, painting the town in patriotic colors. Post-parade, the beach ignites with energy as locals and visitors alike hit the waves or lounge on the soft sand, basking in the golden Californian sunshine. As dusk falls, the sky lights up with a mesmerizing fireworks display over the pier, capping off a classic American day with a burst of color and cheer.


Waveland, Mississippi

sky, landmark, cloud, arch, fixed link, This is a little Gulf town that once won a $50,000 dollar all expenses paid for Fourth of July party experience! You can enjoy BBQ, music, entertainment and of course, fireworks. It’s a town with an all-American spirit!


Waveland, Mississippi is a small town located on the Gulf Coast. It has a population of just over 6,000 people, and is known for its all-American spirit. This spirit was on full display in 2019, when Waveland won a $50,000 dollar all-expenses-paid Fourth of July party experience.

The town offers a variety of activities, including fishing, kayaking, and swimming. There are also a number of local restaurants serving up delicious seafood dishes. In the summer, visitors can also enjoy the beach, with its white sand and crystal-clear waters.

On the Fourth of July, Waveland is the perfect place to celebrate. The town hosts an annual BBQ, with music, entertainment, and of course, fireworks. It's a great place to spend the day with family and friends.

Waveland also has a number of attractions, including a historic lighthouse, a museum, and a wildlife refuge. The town also offers a variety of outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and bird watching.


San Juan Island, Washington

water, loch, mammal, waterway, river, This is probably the only place in the country where you can celebrate Independence Day at the same time as attending an historic Pig War picnic! The town is old-fashioned, quaint and friendly, and makes for the perfect short getaway.


Catalina Island, California

yellow, beauty, vacation, girl, fashion model, Catalina Island hosts a brilliant golf cart parade every year that just adds to the old-fashioned and quaint vibe of the place. You can enjoy fireworks over Avalon Bay and the musical delights of the USC Marching Band!

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