The 10 Best Free Museums in London ...


The 10 Best Free Museums in London  ...
The 10 Best Free Museums in London  ...

If there is one thing that the United Kingdom does better than any other country, it has to be museums. Name any kind of interest in the world, and you can be sure that there is some sort of museum dedicated to it somewhere! In particular, the capital city of London is a place filled with amazing institutions that you can spend hour after hour exploring and enjoying. If you want to fill a day in the big smoke with a great list of places to visit, then here are the ten best free museums in London you have to see.

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British Museum

If you only have time for one free museum trip, then it might as well be this one! The world-famous British Museum is home to a huge collection of world art and amazing artefacts. With over 8 million works to explore, you can spend an entire day finding things to be excited by!


National Gallery

The National Gallery houses more than 2300 incredible paintings that date from the 13th century to 1900. It is the fourth most visited museum in the entire world, and is completely free to explore!


Victoria and Albert Museum

Named after the famous queen and her German husband, the V&A is the world’s largest decorative arts and design exhibition. It has been free to enter since 2001, so you are just in time!


National Maritime Museum

Great Britain boasts a long and rich naval history, and this museum in the heart of Greenwich houses some of the most important and coveted items that bring that history to life. It even has Nelson’s iconic Trafalgar coat!


The Wallace Collection

If fine decorations and home designs are your favourite thing, then the Wallace Collection is definitely for you. Established from a private collection in 1897, these luxurious wonders are very much public!


Saatchi Gallery

If modern art is more your style, then you absolutely need to visit the Saatchi Gallery in West London. Admission is totally free, and the gallery hosts works and installations from lesser-known contemporary artists all over the world.


Natural History Museum

You don’t have to be a kid for your eyes to light up at the Natural History Museum! Home to more then 80 million years’ worth of specimens, this world-famous museum really is a chamber of wonders for all ages. You won’t believe it’s free to enter!


The Royal Air Force Museum

The RAF is one of the country’s greatest prides, and a visit to the museum that celebrates its history is definitely worthwhile. It houses over 100 different aircrafts that will bring home just how crazy and brave old school fighter pilots were!


National Portrait Gallery

The perfect confluence of fine art and interesting snapshots of celebrity and contemporary culture throughout history, the National Portrait Gallery includes photographs, paintings and sculptures of icons from William Shakespeare to Marilyn Monroe.


British Library

The second largest library in the world, the British Library is a staggering place to visit. With over 14 million books, some of them dating back to 2000BC, this is one collection that you have to see.

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