5 Great Things to do in Amsterdam ...

Amsterdam is a city that seems tailor-made for tourists. Its compact streets are lined with a treasure trove of historic venues, artistic masterpieces and postcard perfect scenery. To get the most out of Amsterdam, it is essential to move beyond the popular top tourist spots and explore different neighbourhoods, shops and eateries all around the city. Here are some great things to do in Amsterdam.

1. Immerse Yourself in Amsterdam’s Rich Cultural and Art History

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Amsterdam and The Netherlands have enjoyed a rich history filled with kings, queens, epic battles and world renowned painters. To get acquainted with the bite-sized country, take a trip to the Rijksmuseum. Newly reopened following a decade-long restoration and makeover, the Rijksmuseum is home to the largest collection of historic treasures in The Netherlands. The museum covers 800 years of Dutch history with 8,000 objects scattered amongst 80 galleries. In addition to priceless artifacts and antiques, the museum is home to masterpieces by famous Dutch painters like Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Just around the corner from the Rijksmuseum is the Van Gogh Museum. This is a must-visit for fans of the Dutch artist as it is home to dozens of his works along with artifacts from his life. Rembrandt enthusiasts should also consider visiting the artist’s former home, located on Jodenbreestraat in central Amsterdam. Rembrandt painted many of his works from this home, which is now a museum dedicated to his life.

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