The Perfect Hideaway: Fabulous Treehouse Hotels ...

I’ve still got a massive bucket list despite all my travels and experiences and I know many of them will remain unfulfilled before I do kick over the pail, but if I were to prioritize them, staying in a treehouse hotel would come very high. That’s because – as well as being fabulous – it is something that is becoming more easily accessible. If you want some awesomely different holiday accommodation, these treehouse hotels fit the bill.

1. Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel, Brazil

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Located 35 miles from the Amazon gateway city of Manaus, the Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel is one of the largest treehouse hotels on the planet, boasting wooden catwalks that stretch for 10 miles, overlooking some of the world's most stunning flora and fauna. Guests can enjoy the best views since Disney's Jungle Book from two 150-foot tall observation towers. The President Lula "Tarzan" House sits right at canopy level and boasts its own Jacuzzi and plunge pool. Watch colorful Amazonian critters flit by from your own private balcony!

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