8 Beaches That'll Make You Want to Quit Your Job ...

When I first went traveling – more like going on holiday actually – I returned from every trip with dreams of leaving dreary UK for a beach bar somewhere exotic. As I grew older and travelled more, I learned to appreciate travel for the magical experience that it is; that there is much fabulousness to be gained from so many places on earth and the more places we visit, the richer we’ll be. That however, doesn’t fully stop me from occasionally dreaming of standing behind a beach bar doling out sun downers. There are still plenty of beaches that make me want to quit my day job.

1. La Sagesse Bay, Grenada

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La Sagesse Bay is a wonderfully secluded spot just ten miles distance from the bustling resorts of Grand Anse. The nature center and hotel offer stressed-out gals just the right combination of sunbathing, hiking-trail fun and relaxation just 30 minutes' drive from Maurice Bishop International Airport and the fleshpots and nightlife of Grand Anse Bay.

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