The Most Spiritual Place in the World for Your Star Sign ...


The Most Spiritual Place in the World for Your Star Sign  ...
The Most Spiritual Place in the World for Your Star Sign  ...

Do you ever get the feeling when you visit a particular place that it is somewhere where you think you truly belong? It’s not an uncommon feeling by any means, and it often alludes to the fact that you might have some sort of spiritual connection with the location. It doesn’t have to be somewhere that you have ever been before, it might be somewhere that you have never even though about visiting, but I really do believe that there is a special destination out there for everyone. Here is the most spiritual place in the world for you according to your zodiac sign.

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sky, mountainous landforms, ridge, path, wilderness, You love a challenge and feel most at peace when out in nature, so the place that makes the most sense for an Aries is definitely the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage walk through Spain.



chinese architecture, historic site, tourist attraction, pagoda, sky, A laid-back atmosphere with a healthy dose of cultural and historical spirituality, the best place for a Taurus is absolutely Bali, Indonesia.



coast, lighthouse, sea, shore, tower, You feel most connected to both yourself and to others when there is no chance of technological interference, so how about Cabo Polonio in Uruguay, a place with no phone signal and no internet!



nature reserve, mountain village, hill station, reservoir, mount scenery, Rishikesh in India is a place well known for its strong spirituality, so much so that the Beatles took a pilgrimage there in their heaviest hippy days. Hey, if it’s good enough for the Beatles, it’s definitely good enough for you!



pyramid, sky, desert, monument, erg, You are someone who is fascinated by rich culture and history, and there is nowhere on earth that provides that quite like Giza in Egypt.



sky, landmark, historic site, archaeological site, field, Those who believe in that sort of thing see Chichen Itza in Mexico as a place swarming with spiritual energy. With ties to ancient Mayan civilisation, this is the perfect place for sensitive and inquisitive Virgo.



city, waterway, sea, water transportation, sky, You deserve to be in the only place in the world that really represents a scale. Istanbul actually rests along two different continents, Asia and Europe. Could there be a place any more fitting than that for a Libra?



historic site, statue, monument, landmark, sculpture, Sometimes you just feel overwhelmed by the number of people and activities in your life, so somewhere as calming and solitary as Easter Island in Chile is the perfect fit.



highland, mountainous landforms, nature, mount scenery, mountain village, You have a lust for adventure at your very core, and there is no place quite like Machu Picchu in Peru for a historical, cultural and spiritual adventure.



rock, mountainous landforms, badlands, wilderness, vacation, All you need is love, so it makes sense that your spiritual location literally has heart-shaped rocks within its natural splendour. I’m talking, of course, about Chapada Diamantina in Brazil.



grass, grassland, archaeological site, landscape, field, Your entire life is stimulated by mystery and the unsolvable, and there is no bigger historical and spiritual mystery than the origins of the legendary Stonehenge rocks in England.



sky, sea, shore, coast, cloud, There is a serene, breathtaking, almost eerie nature to the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia. This kind of quiet serenity is something that you could really do with more often.

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