How to Use Astrology to Plan Your Next Vacation ...


How to Use Astrology to Plan Your Next Vacation ...
How to Use Astrology to Plan Your Next Vacation ...

If you are someone who is interested in astrology, then you will be well aware of the fact that it can provide insights and predictions into pretty much any area of your life. We usually look to astrology for advice and guidance on things like romance and career ambitions, but something that it can also be used quite effectively for is in planning a holiday! We all work hard and we all deserve a really relaxing break, so what better way to ensure perfect planning than with the help of your astrological projections? Here is how to use astrology to plan your next vacation!

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Birth Chart

If you don’t already know about it, get involved with your birth chart. Have one drawn up by a professional and although it might look like a mess of confusing lines to start with, it can hold lots of great information. It’s basically a snapshot of when the planets on the Wheel of the Zodiac will be aligning for you, so if you can see a projection for this, you might be able to plan your vacation dates around times that are predicted to be really positive and prosperous times for you.


When consulting an astrologer for your birth chart, ask about transits and progressions that could impact your travel experiences. Transits are like a cosmic weather report, indicating how current planetary movements may affect you, while progressions reveal more about your personal growth and phases. Keep an eye out for Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, as its placement can signify prime times for adventure and learning. Similarly, Venus transits can highlight periods of harmony and enjoyment, perfect for a relaxing getaway. By aligning your trip with auspicious astrological timings, you're setting the stage for a journey that resonates with your star-guided potential.



The main angles on the birth chart are there to represent different areas of your life and how the different planets influence them. There are four angles, the ascendant, descendant, imum coeli, and midheaven.


The Ascendant or rising sign can give insights into your personality traits and what first impressions you may give off on arrival at your new destination. The Descendant, opposite to the Ascendant, relates to partnerships and could indicate the kind of people you will likely connect with on your journey. Your Imum Coeli tells of your home and roots, so it might affect how you'll feel about where you're staying. Finally, the Midheaven (MC) reflects your public face and career, which might help you decide the purpose of your travel—whether for relaxation or maybe a touch of work-related networking.


Angles and Planets

Next, you need to know how these angles interact with the planets. Travelling somewhere along the ascendant line of a planet will feel very different to travelling at its midheaven line, the energy can be extremely different. When you have an idea of a place to go on vacation, check where it lays on your angles and planets, and it will give you an indication of the kind of experience you might have whilst there.


What Kind of Trip do You Want to Have?

Conversely, you could come up with some ideas of the kind of trip you want to have, and then find a location on your map where your angles are most positively resting. For example, for a sexy holiday, follow your Venus ascendant line, for a reflective trip, follow your north node’s midheaven line.


Gut Vs. Chart

You need to strike a fine balance between consulting your chart and also trusting your gut. Don’t follow the guidance of astrology blindly without putting any of your personal opinions and wants into the equation, because even though a location might look like a good fit for the planets, it also needs to be a good fit for you in a human sense.

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