Best Countries to Visit for Stargazing ...

The best countries for stargazing are those that have wide open spaces and wide open skies. The sky at night is one of Mother Nature’s greatest gifts and it’s a spectacular show and even better, it’s completely free! If you find yourself in one of the best countries for stargazing and night falls, just look up!

1. The United States

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As one of the best countries for stargazing, the US offers many opportunities for those whose heads are in the clouds. Amongst these opportunities, Hawaii ranks at the tip-top. The island’s position in the Pacific enables a viewing of the night sky relatively free from light pollution. Park yourself at the 9,000-foot Mauna Kea volcano on the Big Island for the best viewing. Its Keck Observatory is home to one of the biggest optical telescopes in the world. The most advanced telescope, known as the Thirty-Meter Telescope, will also be available here in 2018. Another stellar place for US stargazing is the American Southwest, namely the Sonoran Desert. Near Tucson, the Kitt Peak National Observatory offers both clear skies and the most comprehensive collection of optical telescopes in the world. Other honorable mentions in the Southwest – McDonald Observatory in Texas, Griffith Observatory in LA, Lowell Observatory in Arizona, and Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah, where astronomy workshops are led by rangers during the summer.

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