The 10 Most πŸ’― Expensive πŸ’° Hotel Suites 🏒 in the World 🌎 ...

Have you ever saved up all year, or perhaps even over two years, to be able to go on an amazing vacation? The kind of vacation that you would class as the dream holiday? Well, I hate to break it to you, but whatever you were doing and wherever you were staying, it probably didn’t even make it in to the top 80% of ridiculously expensive vacation options that are out there for the rich and famous to enjoy! I’m talking about places that you would have to save up for ten years, maybe even twenty! Here are the 10 most expensive hotel suites in the world!

1. Royal Penthouse Suite at Hotel President Wilson – Geneva, Switzerland

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You can live like a true European monarch in this amazing 12-bedroom suite that spans the entire eighth floor of the hotel. Complete with a grand piano, rare book collection, Jacuzzi, and unbelievable views of Lake Geneva it’s a steal at $80,000 per night!

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