AirBnB Hottest Destination Predictions for 2019 ...


AirBnB Hottest Destination Predictions for 2019 ...
AirBnB Hottest Destination Predictions for 2019 ...

One of the biggest and best innovations for travel and tourism in the past decade is the rise in popularity of AirBnB. These days, the only options for going on vacation aren’t an expensive hotel or a cheap hostel, there are millions of real homes that have been made available to you, making more and more destinations possible for your bucket list. And with everything else that costs money, travel trends come in and out as the years go by. Here are the hottest destinations for 2019 as advised by AirBnB

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Kaikoura – New Zealand

sea, sky, body of water, coast, shore, After being heavily damaged in a massive 2018 earthquake, this little slice of New Zealand heaven is back on its feet and ready to host lots of guests. It is officially the fastest growing place on AirBnB in terms of new bookings made every day.


Xiamen – China

tree, vegetation, plant, flora, landscape, Xiamen is home to Kulangsu, which is a vehicle free, pedestrian-only island just off of the coast. This tranquil haven is proving popular with visitors to China who want to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of more crowded, vehicle heavy areas.


Puebla – Mexico

town, city, street, neighbourhood, pedestrian, Puebla isn’t yet as popular as some of the more well-known locations in Mexico, but it has recently been heralded as a unique alternative to the typical Mexican beach vacation or trip to the capital city. Its relatively unknown element makes AirBnB the best choice for visiting.


Accra – Ghana

red, clothing, pink, dress, standing, Some of the most appealing features of a visit to Accra include the colorful, vibrant Makola markets, as well as some really exotic and enthralling nightlife offered on the Kokrobite and Labadi beaches. A trip to Accra provides the best of both worlds!


Wakayama – Japan

snow, winter, freezing, tree, ice, This particular area of Japan is popular with travelers because it gives tourists a chance to experience the amazing Buddhist grounds where you can enjoy sessions of meditation, amazing vegetarian cuisine, and inclusive temple services.


Buenos Aires – Argentina

metropolitan area, city, metropolis, urban area, landmark, There is so much to do in Buenos Aires, and the city of Tandil is a real hidden gem that AirBnB is just starting to uncover. There are bustling crafts markets, beautiful forests, and amazing beaches all within easy distance of each other!


Great Smokey Mountains – USA

tree, plant, sky, girl, grass, When it comes to visiting the Great Smokey Mountains, is there any better way to do it than renting out your very own cabin and exploring the awe-inspiring scenery at your own leisure? I certainly don’t think so, and neither do the many AirBnB users that have done just that

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