AirBnB Hottest Destination Predictions for 2019 ...

One of the biggest and best innovations for travel and tourism in the past decade is the rise in popularity of AirBnB. These days, the only options for going on vacation aren’t an expensive hotel or a cheap hostel, there are millions of real homes that have been made available to you, making more and more destinations possible for your bucket list. And with everything else that costs money, travel trends come in and out as the years go by. Here are the hottest destinations for 2019 as advised by AirBnB

1. Kaikoura – New Zealand

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After being heavily damaged in a massive 2018 earthquake, this little slice of New Zealand heaven is back on its feet and ready to host lots of guests. It is officially the fastest growing place on AirBnB in terms of new bookings made every day.

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