The Most Extreme Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon ...


The Most Extreme Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon ...
The Most Extreme Ways to Spend Your Honeymoon ...

A honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience, a special journey taken just after your wedding to the person of your dreams. And choosing where to go on honeymoon may be dictated by how much money you have to blow on this magical holiday, but it is also a reflection of who you are as a couple, what your travel style is and what your values are. There are the island paradise getaways, never-ending cocktails and glittering ocean views, ever popular with many honeymooners, and then there are those that just have to do something different, something daring and something completely out of the norm. Here are some of the most extreme ways to spend your honeymoon.

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Back Packing through Vietnam

body of water, water, coastal and oceanic landforms, sea, mountain, Vietnam is experiencing a massive boom in popularity among visitors from all over the world, and many couples are choosing to explore this exotic land. In many areas, poverty is a harsh reality and remote areas have little to absolutely no modern infrastructure whatsoever, never mind an ATM; running water is a luxury and electricity is non-existent. But the people are incredible, the scenery is breathtaking and the experience will define you as people.

Do not expect any 5-star luxuries: expect a language barrier, heat and humidity, expect local transport issues and no tourist infrastructure at all. Buy your meal from a floating barge or sidewalk vendor in the middle of the city, but as you venture out into the more rural areas, you will need to just go with the flow.

Perfect for an adventure of note – it will test your problem-solving skills and your new spouse and yourself will be able to have an opportunity to work together if things go wrong. It could be great, a completely life-altering experience, or a total disaster. But is not an extreme honeymoon for nothing.


White River Rafting

water, stream, rock, watercourse, river, Book a tour down one of the most exciting whitewater rapids found all over the world. You can book tours that are a few nights and go up to 2 or more weeks. Book a private tour or join another one, or even take a bunch of your friends. Test your skills as you bump and splash down rushing river rapids and hit the water like a real adrenaline junkie.

Then sleep under the stars at night after making camp on the river banks, eat a meal prepared over an open fire and drink ice cold frothy beer right out of a metal cup. Nothing like a little rustic romance, camping and adventure sports as the perfect start to a marriage.


Cave Hunters

cave, caving, water, formation, geological phenomenon, If you are both intrepid explorers then a cave hunting exploration trip is a fantastic way to spend your extreme honeymoon. Cave exploration tours, fossil hunting, rock climbing, and underground channel swimming are just some of the things you can look forward to enjoying. If you think that a few romantic nights spent exploring untouched areas of the world are your idea of the ultimate special honeymoon then this might be just the adventure for you.


Volunteering Honeymoons

girl, black hair, mouth, abdomen, trunk, There are many holiday packages that cater to volunteer groups and individuals, and you can embrace your chance to make a difference in the world by using your honeymoon to do it. Always wanted to help build classrooms in Africa, teach sustainable living to rural communities, help out at a wildlife conservation program in the Amazon jungle, join a marine conservation program on the Great Barrier Reef? Here is your chance, pick something that you have always been passionate about and make the inquiries about where you can go to help.

Many of the sites won’t be 5-star and you may be required to pay for everything yourself, including your accommodation, food and travel and transport. But the rewards will far outweigh the monetary expense.

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