8 Terrific Travel Trips in Tasmania ...

Many travelers forget about Tasmania when they are thinking about and planning a visit to Australia, but there are many reasons to visit the island and some wonderful travel trips in Tasmania for an unforgettable Down Under experience. The island is gorgeous, packed with things to do and locals are very warm and welcoming. If you are heading for Australia, here are some travel trips in Tasmania you can consider.

1. Bushwalking Tasmanian Style – the Overland Track

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Travel trips in Tasmania are full of fun. For the experienced trekking die-hards, Australia offers many exciting treks but nothing can beat the six day hiking experience (65km) from the north’s Cradle Valley to Lake St Clair down south. Breathtaking scenery is what traveling in Tasmania is all about and with spectacular mountains as a backdrop, you will venture through eucalyptus forests teeming with unique wildlife, valleys and across wide open moors. This popular hike during summer (December to April) offers more daylight hours and shows of alpine flowers en route. Walkers must register at the start and finish.

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