7 Amazing Easter Adventures Waiting to Be Taken ...

Easter adventures are on the rise – travel agents are reporting record bookings for holidays over the religious period, and it’s no surprise that people are using the time off work to get a change of scenery. With Spring just beginning, and the hard Winter out of the way, it’s the perfect time to change things up and explore somewhere new. Here’s my favorite destinations that would be just perfect for Easter adventures

1. Seville, Spain

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This is one of my absolute favorite places in the world, and it's the perfect choice for Easter adventures. A gorgeous city in the south of Spain, temperatures here are just getting balmy at this time of year, and there’s plenty to do. Seville holds an exotic Feria de Abril festival over Easter, with the whole city buzzing with adventure, and it lasts the entire Easter break. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before – think copious amounts of sherry wine and beer, along with traditionally dressed locals and flamenco costumes everywhere. And that’s before you explore the Giralda, Cathedral or Royal Palaces…it’s not to be missed But book soon, because the town does get more expensive over Easter, and availability can be very limited.

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