10 Stunning Locations for Vacations in Ireland ...


10 Stunning Locations for Vacations in Ireland ...
10 Stunning Locations for Vacations in Ireland ...

The Irish Republic and Northern Ireland make up the stunning Emerald Isle – some say there are 40 shades of green in Ireland. On vacations in Ireland you’ll find gorgeous beaches, outstanding golf courses, fantastic cities and scenic routes during your journey. Ireland is a beautiful country with a colorful (often harsh) history, rich heritage and proud culture. It is home to some stunning locations and a welcoming people that make vacations in Ireland just perfect. If you need help with choosing a holiday destination, take a look at these 10 Stunning Locations for Vacations in Ireland for some inspiration.

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County Wicklow

County Wicklow Wicklow is a mountainous area that is perfect for vacations with the family pet. County Wicklow is a popular vacation destination in Ireland because of its rolling countryside. The Wicklow Mountains are rocky and ideal for avid rock climbers, or those who adore hiking and an active holiday. It is situated on Ireland’s East Coast, the sunnier side of the country, where families can enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings. It’s a great place that caters for both active and peace-seeking vacationers.



Cork Cork is one of the popular destinations for vacations in Ireland, and is the Emerald Isle’s third largest city, behind Belfast and Dublin. One of its best known attractions is the Blarney Castle where people go to kiss the Blarney Stone to acquire some of the famous Irish eloquence – aka the gift of the gab. The Cobh Heritage Center, the place where the Titanic set sail, (once known as Queenstown) is also one of the popular visitor attractions in Ireland.



Donegal Donegal in the North West is a top spot for family vacations in Ireland. It has gorgeous beaches, rolling hills and a rugged landscape that could charm anyone into loving Ireland’s natural beauty. There’s a serene and sedate pace to life here; the ideal place to wind down and shrug off those cares and stresses. Donegal is also home to plenty of golf courses.



Dublin Dublin is of course one of the most popular destinations for vacations in Ireland and is one of the top choices for European city breaks. The capital city caters for all; with a legendary and booming night life and a gorgeous historical city, Dublin is a very different place to the rest of rustic Ireland, as it is filled with tourists and has a typically bustling city atmosphere. Top spots include the Guinness factory and strolling along the River Liffey.



Galway Galway attracts around one million tourists a year because of its awesome scenery and pumping music scene. It is one of the most beloved spots for holidays in Ireland because County Galway also offers wide beaches at Connemara that go on for miles. The countryside is dotted with castles and large country houses dating back to the days of the oppressive English landlords. Galway City is one of the fastest growing populations in Europe with its brilliant bar scene, and interesting attractions that include some heritage and craft centers.



Killarney A vacation in the Irish Republic wouldn’t be right if you didn’t make it to Killarney. It is one of Ireland’s most beautiful cities with a million things to do in it. It has convenient activities to do in the city, as well as gorgeous landscapes with a sumptuous countryside and glossy lakes by its side. So whether you want to settle down in a pub with a drink after taking a scenic walk around the city or head out on a cycle ride around the lake, Killarney caters for all.



Kinsale Kinsale is another ‘must-see’ in Ireland. It’s a quaint hill-side town that has tons of character. Let the town charm you into a stroll around the harbor, dip in and out of its shops, and taste the cuisine in the quayside restaurants. It’s perfect for fresh seafood and enjoying a peaceful drink. What’s more, quite a few celebrities have property here, and can often be spotted when you least expect it.



Longford If you’re an angler or golfer then Longford is the place for you. There are lots of spots for the patient sportsperson to enjoy their game, making Longford the first choice for many. It has gorgeous natural beauty with ragged rocks that’d tempt any climber and there are also some steep hillsides and gorgeous glistening lakes.



Waterford Enjoy your vacation in Ireland in the oldest city. Waterford reaches back to the Viking era and has more than its fair share of history. It is home to cobbled streets, a lovely waterfront, and mind-blowing medieval walls that spread all around the city. There’re lots of things to see and do for anybody interested in Irish history. However, what makes Waterford the most enchanting is its crystal – so be sure to pop into some crystal shops for a unique souvenir!



Wexford Going to County Wexford is a great chance to enjoy southern Ireland’s east coast. It’s a great spot for couples and families to enjoy outdoor activities, such as golf or walking. It also has beaches that would meet all of your vacation needs.

Going on vacation in Ireland means you’re never far away from the action. Hiking, golfing, fishing, walking, climbing, picnicking and drinking are all possible and encouraged when visiting any of these stunning locations. Ireland is a charming country with lots of history to teach you a thing or two about its rich heritage. It is one of the most welcoming and unassuming countries in the world. Book a flight now and go visit any of these 10 Stunning Locations for Vacations in Ireland! Or have you been to any of these places before? What did you think of it?

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So glad Killarney was mentioned! I have been there twice as my mum in law lives there. It is the most wonderful town, quaint and beautiful with a bit of crazy added on! Also in Dublin, stay in the Ashling Hotel. Best value for money hotel...4 star prices, 5 star everything else! And it's right by the train station!!

Oooops...it's KINSALE! not Kinsdale.

RT 10 Stunning Locations for Vacations In Ireland travel (via Twitter)

I live very near Kilarney and just love the place :-)

10 Stunning Locations for Vacations In Ireland travel (via Twitter)

i am seriously bookmarking this, good suggestions!

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