7 Gorgeous American Churches ...

So what if the USA isn’t old enough to boast the magnificent medieval cathedrals of elsewhere in the world – there are still some gorgeous American churches that will satisfy any lover of ecclesiastical architecture. They may not be as old as their European counterparts but they are just as grand, masterpieces of construction and intriguing, even to non-believers. Pray you get to see some of these gorgeous American churches on your travels.

1. Wayfarers Chapel, Los Angeles

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There are plenty of gorgeous American churches that are really photogenic, including Wayfarers Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes, about 45 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. You’ll like the architecture partly because it was designed by the eminent Frank Lloyd Wright, and also because it’s inspired by nature, which is why it’s also called the ‘Tree Chapel.’ It’s in a forest so you’ll see lots of glass to show off the beautiful Redwood trees and rose garden, but it also has a view of the ocean. The chapel was built so travelers had somewhere to rest and be thankful for nature and you’ll love this; besides Sunday services it’s now also used for evening candlelit weddings. How romantic is that?

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