9 Reasons to Visit Bermuda for a Taste of Island Life ...

Being so close to the US is just one of the reasons to visit Bermuda. Not far enough south to be in the Caribbean, it still enjoys a really pleasant sub-tropical climate which is just another of its attractions. It’s also a British overseas dependency so if you want to experience some quirky pseudo-British culture, you’ll find it here. There are plenty of reasons to visit Bermuda…

1. The Beaches

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Surely the best of reasons to visit Bermuda is the distinct pink beaches. Created by crushed coral, the color is enhanced even more when it meets the turquoise water. However, some beaches are have white sand and are equally as stunning. Some of the most popular are: Horseshoe Bay Beach - this sweeping, crescent shaped beach is one of Bermuda’s most popular spots. The white sand nearly glows against the blue water; Warwick Long Bay - a half-mile stretch of pink sand beaches without the large crowd. Full of little coves and rock outcroppings, there are numerous areas to explore; and Tobacco Bay Beach - a haven for tourists, this beach has lots of facilities and wonderful rock formations to climb and explore.

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