7 Places to Visit in Stockholm That You Will Love...


7 Places to Visit in Stockholm That You Will Love...
7 Places to Visit in Stockholm That You Will Love...

If you are as much of a lover of traveling as I am, then you may find this list of places to visit in Stockholm quite useful. I find myself overcome with wanderlust at the mere mention of foreign countries and European cities, utterly captivated by accents so different from my own. Known for its astoundingly intricate architecture and surrounded by freshwater, Stockholm, Sweden is one of the most breath-taking utopias of the world today. Spoken by Mary Anne Radmacher Hershey, the quote "I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world" best fits the overall feeling you will have once you keep your heart and mind open to this beautiful city. No quote better describes the reason why I am a firm believer that these are some of the top places to visit in Stockholm.

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Stockholm City Hall – the Three Crowns

With its complex designs and history weaved into every brick and cobblestone, it is not a shock that the City Hall is one of the most exquisite places to visit in Stockholm. Only accessible via a guided tour, the fact that this is the venue used to hold banquets for Nobel Prize winners makes it an instant tourist attraction. On a lighter note, council meetings are often held here as well; with its spacious rooms and exotic banquet halls, who would protest meeting here? Also, the thought of being given the chance to gaze at the serene waters surrounding the tower is exciting! Lastly, catching a glimpse of the capital's coat of arms (three crowns located at the top of tower) is reason enough for this to be one of the first stops you should make!


Södermalm – Rustic Beauty

Many writers have penned stories about the views that can be found in Södermalm. When going sightseeing, a popular place to stop by is the Västerbron, a bridge that connects Södermalm to the island of Kungsholmen. As it is a bit of a walk (or drive), this bridge offers the best overview of what the city has to offer; it will be easy to see nature at its finest. Also known as the fashion district of Stockholm, Södermalm is the best place to visit if you are into designer brands and vintage finds. For the drink aficionado, there are plenty of bars and cafés to quench your thirst. The literary buff will also get a kick out of the Charles Dickens pub and its fairly priced drinks.


The Vasa Museum - Sailing across the Sea

This ship-turned-museum can be said to be the strongest link between the past and modern world of Stockholm. Despite sinking in 1628, it has been fully restored and opened to the public. You should plan to spend an afternoon visiting this museum as its vast wonders will seem never-ending; you will find yourself discovering a lot about not only the ship, but the people who used to sail on it. The best perk about visiting the Vasa museum is the fact that most of the objects on display at the museum are authentic items found on the ship during reconstruction! If you would like to learn more about the history of Stockholm, this museum is a great place to start!


Fåfängan Café – Sunset in a Mug

Whether your relationship status is single, taken or complicated, Fåfängan Café has something to offer everyone! The drinks are served cold as you sit down and enjoy the company of friends and strangers alike – a contrast that you will be most grateful for once you feel the burn from hiking up the steep hill. Fåfängan Café is located in Södermalm and is a popular destination for both natives and tourists. A trip to this café could be used as a romantic outing for lovebirds, a girls' night out or as a quiet getaway for yourself. The main point is that with a beautiful view overlooking the sunset, it will be hard to not have anything but a smile on your face!


SkyView – to See It All

The quickest way to feel as if you are on top of the world is to take a ride on the SkyView. In the shape of a globe, this glass contraption is the most adventurous way of going sightseeing! The SkyView travels along tracks attached to the outside of the Ericsson Globe, one of Sweden's most famous landmarks. Although the whole trip only lasts for about a half-hour and is a bit on the pricier side, the close views of both the waterfront and skyline of Stockholm account for these minor faults. This provides an excellent opportunity for photographers, both amateur and professional, to document the stunning scenery laid out before them. In the world of social media, this is the best excuse to take as many "selfies" as you want!


Grona Lunds Tivoli – Fun in the Sun

This next feature may resonate with children or us women who are still secretly kids-at-heart. Visiting the Grona Lunds Tivoli amusement park is a great way to start your day or wind down after an eventful afternoon. There are numerous rides available for different age brackets; the wait for each ride is usually quick as the lines are rarely long. Going on the Eclipse is the easiest way to get a view of Stockholm. Also, if you are into horror, you may also want to check out the Haunted House, a ride that is guaranteed to scare your pants off!


Drottningholm Palace – Fit for a Queen

The walls of this lovely castle are littered with history. As this is the current resident of the Swedish royal family, the architectural structure of the palace has been preserved; through a guided tour, you can visit the main grounds of the Drottningholm Palace. Also open to the public to explore are lush gardens (known as the baroque garden and the English garden) and a Chinese pavilion. Conveniently, there is a boat that will connect you to City Hall and a bus that will take you back into Central Stockholm. This castle has often been compared with the Palace of Versailles (located in France) in regard to its importance. During the summer, the palace holds opera festivals at The Drottningholm Palace Theatre, making it an excellent place to visit if you are a fan of opera and music in general!

Each of these places possess a certain quality that makes it easy to fall in love with them. Whether you fall head over heels for the scenery, history or even the people, the point remains that your view will never be the same once you visit Stockholm. Take a chance to soak up the sun or embrace the cold – It will be up to you to discover the hidden perks of each location mentioned! I can guarantee that you will feel an unexplainable rush once you give into the temptation to explore! Are there any other places in Stockholm that you either enjoy visiting or have been wanting to travel to?

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Stockholm is a very lovely city!

I want to live there :)

My city!:)

Great article! Photos pretty please?

I LOVE the Charles Dickens pub ^^ and thank you for spelling everything as it should br! It just irks me to sometimes read some horrible spelling used instead of just using å,ä or ö!

Pronounciation of å ä ö Å= as the o in bore Ä= as the a in care Ö= as the i in sir

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