9 Great Shopping Destinations in Asia That You Will Love ...

By Sophia

9 Great Shopping Destinations in Asia That You Will Love ...

There are so many great shopping destinations in Asia. Asia is famous for its shopping and there’s something to suit every kind of shopper. From luxury items to authentic local goods, there’s just so much to see and buy all throughout Asia. If you’re ever in the region and in the mood to splash some cash, take a look at these top shopping destinations in Asia.

1 Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, China Hong Kong has long held the title of being one of the best shopping destinations in Asia. It offers something for everyone and caters to all budgets. From fashion to electronic goods and traditional market buys, if it can be bought then chances are you’ll find it in Hong Kong. Hit the popular shopping areas like the Central District, Causeway Bay, and Soho, or lose yourself in the maze of street markets that can be found all over the region.

2 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur houses some of the largest shopping malls in the entire world. Many stores can have sales that stretch for months on end, so snapping up a bargain is always an option. Bukit Bintang is the premier retail area, with malls galore, but there are plenty of opportunities to shop all throughout the city.

3 Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan There are many different shopping districts in Tokyo. You can shop for popular international brands as well as those quirky and offbeat offerings we’ve come to expect from the Japanese. Visit Ginza for boutiques and department stores, Akihabara for electronics, and Harajuku and Shibuya for trend-based clothing.

4 Shanghai, China

Shanghai, China China is a booming commercial market. You’ll find stores upon stores of international brands and luxury goods in Shanghai, as well as plenty of local fare at markets and bazaars. When you’re done tackling the shopping malls, head to the Dong Tai Lu Antiques Markets and browse the local and antique crafts. Long shopping hours are the norm in Shanghai, so you can easily shop around the clock!

5 Beijing, China

Beijing, China There’s plenty to see and do in Beijing, as well as plenty of places to shop! The city’s big markets, like the Silk Market and Panjiayuan, are popular tourist attractions and you can find anything from fabrics to antiques there. You can also find pedestrian malls and shopping centres in the Wangfujing district where you can pretty much shop ‘til you drop.

6 Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, Singapore Singapore is another one of those shopping destinations that caters for everyone. You can spend up big in the mammoth shopping malls or try your luck at finding a bargain at the markets or along the side streets. Explore the local crafts in Chinatown, Little India, and Arab Street, or head to Orchard Road for boutiques and upscale shopping.

7 Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand If you like the hustle and the bustle then Bangkok is the place to be. If you’re up for a bit of haggling, head to the Chatuchak Weekend Markets or the city’s famous night markets. If you want to escape the humidity and the heat then step into one of Bangkok’s shopping malls, like CentralWorld Plaza, Siam Paragon, or the Emporium.

8 Seoul, Korea

Seoul, Korea The shopping in Seoul is a mix of old markets and new boutiques. Hit up the Apgujeong-dong retail district for department stores, international luxury brands, and up-and-coming designers. The Dongdaemun Market is another popular shopping destination with local markets and shopping malls situated over an area of 10 blocks.

9 Delhi, India

Delhi, India Be ready for a sensory overload when shopping in Delhi. Head to Chadni Chowk, one of Delhi’s oldest and busiest markets, where you can find anything from clothing, crafts, and electronics. Check out the National Handicrafts and Handlooms Museum, where you can combine shopping with a bit of heritage. For boutiques and chain stores you can’t go past the Khan Market.

These are just some of the top shopping destinations in Asia. Have you ever been to any of these destinations? Feel free to let us know your best travel shopping tips in the comments section.

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I just came back from a huge successful haul in Taipei <3

Indonesia sells affordable goods too, visit pasar atom in surabaya, mangga dua and tanah in jakarta.

When this was loading I was hoping there would be something for Hong Kong since I,m going soon and it was at the very top of the list!! Thanks for that :)

Taipei is not on the list?

I've been to Bangkok once and I really enjoyed shopping at the Platinum Mall and the Pratunam area



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