7 Reasons to Visit Riga for a True Latvian Experience ...

With so many magnificent European cities to consider for a trip, what are the reasons to visit Riga that will have you reaching for your credit card to book a flight? The capital of the Baltic country Latvia, Riga is an underrated charm. It is one of those cities (there are actually so few that really do so) that teaches you so much about the whole country in one place. Why not peruse these great reasons to visit Riga and see whether it will appear on your destination wishlist?

1. To See the Freedom Monument

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Brivibas Piemineklis, or the Freedom Monument, is one of the reasons to visit Riga that has significance for the entire country. Standing tall in a square where the old and new towns of Riga meet, the statue holds three stars in her hands – a symbol you see everywhere in Latvia symbolising the three regions, which bears the inscription β€œFor Fatherland and Freedom.” There’s some interesting history related to the statue and the Soviet occupation which is a must-read before you go see it. There’s also an hourly changing of the guard at the statue, which adds to the experience. It is truly one of the great attractions of Riga and indeed Latvia, and every Latvian who knows you’ve been in Riga will ask you if you have seen the Freedom Monument.

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