7 Best Ethnic Restaurants in New York That'll Please Your Taste Buds ...


Whether you live in the Big Apple or you're just visiting, there is no better place to satisfy your tastebuds than in the best ethnic restaurants in New York. This seems to be the place where ethnic food comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it is in a classic upscale restaurant or a diner you pass by on the street. So here are the 7 best ethnic restaurants in New York...

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When thinking about Greeks and Greek food, all I can seem to think of is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. If you haven’t seen the movie, then you're missing out because the food is simply wonderful. Periyali is the Greek ethnic restaurant in New York that anyone has to try. Periyali has a welcoming atmosphere that makes everyone feel like they are a part of the family. The authentic Greek dishes will leave you satisfied and keep you coming back for more. Favorite dishes there are the fava or the pan-seared calf’s liver. So grab a plate and Opa!



What is it about Italians? Is it their attitude, their sexy language, their wine, or their hand gestures that seems to be a language in its own form? Personally, I love all things Italian but I love nothing more than I love their food! Babbo is a little tucked away Italian restaurant that was formerly a coach house. Babbo offers Italian in its purest form and fashion with the classic simplicity in both décor and menu selection. Anything on the menu seems to be a hit but how could you go wrong with delicious pastas and meats flavored to perfection?



Sushi, do I have to say anything else? I don’t know who thought eating raw fish or these little wrapped rolls of seafood, rice, and seaweed, would be good idea to eat, but they deserve a medal! I know that sushi isn’t for everyone but for those who love it like me, Nobu is the place to go. Nobu captures the beautiful Japanese countryside with its natural decor and wall of river stones. The whole setting gives a relaxing tone to the meal. Yellowtail with jalapeño, lobster with wasabi pepper sauce and black cod with miso are just some of the favorites. Order some sake and chop sticks at the ready!



After studying abroad last summer in France, I came back with a huge smile on my face and 15 extra pounds! Granted, I didn’t want the extra pounds but every bite I took of those extraordinary, delicious French creations was so worth it! Bristo Les Amis is a hidden gem in New York and apparently the French onion soup is to die for. So if your inner Coco Chanel is coming out, then go to Bristo Les Amis and have a very chic time. Bon appétit!



Kittichai is the place to go when wanting to spice up your life with a little Thai food. Kittichai brings Thailand to New York in a modern and sexy space filled with Buddha statues, bottled orchids, and atmospheric lighting. The menu has a wide variety of items to try but the must are the baked Chiliean sea bass marinated in yellow salted beans, braised short ribs in green curry, and spicy duck breast with Hawaiian relish. All sound mouthwatering!



You would think in order to get great, authentic Chinese food, you need to go to Chinatown but not in New York! Grand Sichuan is a little hideaway in the West Village. It is a small dinning restaurant that serves wonderful authentic Chinese food. The favorites include hot & sour soup, scallion pancakes, dan dan noodles, and General Tso’s chicken. They are open for both lunch and dinner but their lunch specials come with huge portions. So if your in the neighborhood around lunch time and crave some Chinese, Grand Sichuan is the place!



La Esquina Taqueria and Cafe has to be one of the most fascinating ethnic restaurants in New York. La Esquina Taqueria and Cafe is a diner that has a bright neon "Corner" sign above that beckons hungry passerby's but La Esquina has so much more to offer than food. It has three separate dinning and drinking areas: The street-level taqueria serves a short menu; a 30 seat café with aged wood paneling and recessed bookshelves, and a dim, reservation only cocktail lounge. The top-shelf tequila, tasty chorizo tacos and plates of enchiladas are only some the highlights of this unique diner.

There are tons of ethnic restaurants in New York but these are the best in their categories. Hopefully these will allow you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Have you tried any of the restaurants listed above and are they as good as they are ranked? Is there any other hidden ethnic gems that you know about in New York?

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5 Burro Cafe on Austin st. In Forest Hills, Queens. Mexican cuisine. Absolutely delicious!! So many great dishes, especially that skirt steak!

I love Italian food

Indian food..?

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