7 Outstanding Places to Visit in Armenia ...

You might not necessarily have ever considered the places to visit in Armenia. Many of you have probably not even have heard of this former Soviet state, but, I’m sure you will have soon. Tourism is developing as fast as its economy, and there are some excellent hotels and places to stay to enjoy the very many attractions of Armenia. It’s a fascinating country. There are mountains, lush forests and lakes to enjoy, monasteries and remote regions to explore, a vibrant café culture and places where time has stood still. So, come with me as we look at some of the great places to visit in Armenia.

1. Yerevan

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This antique city will always be top of the best places to visit in Armenia. For one it’s the nation’s capital and for another, it is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Thanks to its age, only the outskirts bear any sign of the Soviet grey sprawl, with the center being boulevards with cafés, rings of parkland, elegant squares and some beautiful 19th century buildings. Yerevan has everything you ask of a capital city, and its own special and unique flavour. There are museums aplenty, a zoo, a thriving entertainment scene, a trendy art scene and a very definite café culture.

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