7 of the Most Lavish, Prime Spots to Visit in the Big, Bad World ...

Whenever scrolling through Twitter and Instagram, I always stumble upon the photos with picturesque scenes and wondered where these prime spots to visit actually are. Well, lucky, lucky, I have done my research and now have made a list of some of the best places to visit. These gorgeous places are filled with unbelievable settings, delicious dining, and will give you an unbeatable experience and vacation. Each excursion you go on and each activity you participate in will keep you going back and back again to these prime spots to visit.

1. Tahiti

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The most populous island the French Polynesia, Tahiti makes for a very soothing experience for visitors. When looking for a vacation spot, the first word that comes to mind is relaxation. Tahiti, although needing a heavy wallet to thoroughly enjoy, is a place to laze in while enjoying an over-water bungalow and snorkeling in the gorgeous lagoon. Other reasons as to why people make Tahiti their top place to visit are the cruising, the surfing, and the hiking. Try enjoying a marvelous sunset cruise, catching a wave in the north coast of Tahiti, or climbing the Aorai Mountain. All of these activities make Tahiti one of the prime spots to visit.

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