7 Outrageously Stunning Natural Wonders of Canada ...

There are so many natural wonders of Canada. This is a country of truly epic landscapes and every view is scenic to the max. From the Rocky Mountains to great plains to huge rivers, an incredible coastline and tiny islands, the natural wonders of Canada are spectacular.

1. The Northern Lights

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Although the Northern Lights can be seen from elsewhere, I had to include them on this list of natural wonders of Canada ā€“ you know how often I have waxed lyrical about this gorgeous sight. You will have seen pictures of the Northern Lights Iā€™m sure, but nothing can prepare you for the breathtaking beauty with which you will be confronted. Head as far north as you can in Canada to spot them most effectively; the Northwest Territories are where most observers choose to try their luck at spotting the Lights.

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