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As it’s the capital of Northern Ireland, there are all sorts of wonderfully diverse things to do in Belfast. The sights, culture and entertainment are all top notch and the Belfast folks are a genuinely warm, welcoming bunch. And thanks to a prolonged period of peace, there’s no need to worry about “The Troubles,” as they no longer prevent you enjoying all the great things to do in Belfast. The city is coming into its own as an excellent tourist destination, as it rightly should.

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Laughing All the Way from the Empire Comedy Club

Laughing All the Way from the Empire Comedy Club An evening at the Empire Comedy Club is one of the best things to do in Belfast, when the weather is less friendly or your feet ache from visiting too many attractions of Belfast on the first day. Located on Botanic Avenue, the club has hosted performances by some of the most famous comedians the British Isles have produced, including Lee Evans, Michael McIntyre and Dara O'Briain.


A Belfast Pub Crawl

A Belfast Pub Crawl Even if getting completely leg-less isn't your thing, a pub crawl is one of the most fun - and also illuminating - things to do in Belfast, for it allows you to get up close and personal with that mysterious beasty, the historic Belfast reveller. Some of Belfast's ancient pubs and inns are actually National Trust properties, such as the Victorian splendour that is The Crown Liquor Saloon, a Grade A listed hostelry built in 1885 and restored to a standard that wouldn't have prompted Queen Victoria to turn up her dainty nose. Boasting traditional booths where guests can enjoy their ale in private, the former gin-and-hot venue has lovely stained glass windows and a cozy atmosphere to match. Belfast's Cathedral Quarter also has a few quirky pubs to offer, including Filthy McNasty's and Ollies, which attracts dance crowds, while the former relies on a cocktail-drinking clientele.


A Picnic in Belfast Botanic Gardens

A Picnic in Belfast Botanic Gardens In spring and summer there's nothing better than leaving the noisy student quarter with its pubs, book shops and cafes behind and heading to the Botanic Gardens, one of the most peaceful sights of Belfast. Sit on a bench or on a travel rug on the lawns and enjoy the contents of your picnic hamper, while contemplating the delights of the garden's floral displays and majestic trees.


Enjoying the Views from Cavehill

Enjoying the Views from Cavehill No matter what the weather, hiking up to Cavehill is worth the risk getting rained on, for the views over the city and the country park itself are pretty spectacular. Used as a film location for "Game of Thrones," Cavehill is justly famous for being one of the best attractions of Belfast. The country park includes Belfast Castle, a great historic site suitable for trips with older children.


Visit a Belfast Attraction of Titanic Proportions

Among the unmissable sights of Belfast - literally, for the 3,000 silver-anodized aluminium shards gleam on the city's skyline like a twinkling Christmas tree - is the place that honours the construction of Titanic. The shards of the doomed ocean liner were erected on the former Harland and Wolff shipyard, where Titanic was originally constructed. The site is vast, as it includes the Samson and Goliath bright yellow construction cranes and the original Belfast dockyards as well as SS Nomadic. Set aside at least a whole morning to do justice to this integral part of Belfast's maritime history.


Eat Your Fill at St. George's Markets

Eat Your Fill at St. George's Markets When your tummy starts to rumble after visiting the wonderful attractions of Belfast, head across the bridge from Queen Island and the Titanic exhibition towards the conveniently signposted St. George's Markets. Whereas many of the former dockyard and warehouse sites have been replaced by modern buildings, this part of Belfast has been lovingly restored to its former Victorian glory and now hosts one of the finest markets anywhere in Northern Ireland. Open from Friday to Sunday, St. George's Market stalls sell anything from fresh fruit and vegetables to handicrafts. There are also many opportunities to eat your fill, for most foodies' stalls have samples for hungry visitors to try before making a purchase.


Get a Whiff of Art and Culture at the Lanyon Building

Get a Whiff of Art and Culture at the Lanyon Building Even those who are not so keen on art galleries and museums will admit that a visit to the glorious Tudor-Gothic style Lanyon Building is a must-do, when visiting Northern Ireland. An eagle-eyed visitor to Cavehill will have already spotted this amazing building, which is part of the Queen's University Belfast campus. Constructed in 1849 by Charles Lanyon, the Lanyon Building looks like an escapee from crime author Colin Dexter's Oxford, for it boasts the same architectural style. Enter through the main portal, which allows you to enjoy a tour of The Great Hall, The Naughton Gallery and The Canada Room.

And if your holiday budget allows it, take a black cab tour to see the sights of Belfast. It includes the best attractions of Belfast, and is a comfortable way to see the city when visiting in winter. Your local cab driver will take you to see the amazing murals, Falls Road, City Hall, Crumlin Road Gaol and Titanic Quarter, while you sit back and rest your feet. Afterwards, ask your driver to take you to Boojum for a well-earned double-meat burrito! Do the sights of Belfast entice you to visit?

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