9 off the Beaten Tracks Places to Visit This Year ...

I think everyone who enjoys travelling gets a particular thrill from 'discovering' somewhere that hasn't been explored before. You won't find it in every travel brochure, it’s not full of tourists and you won't be able to find anywhere that serves a full English breakfast (there'll probably be an Irish pub though - there's an Irish pub at the end of the world). If you want to really get away from everything for your holidays this year, take a look at the places below - and visit them before they're on every magazine and blog 'must-see' list.

1. Myanmar

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This is where I'm hoping to visit this year; I've heard amazing things from friends who've been travelling here and now is the ideal time to go. Formerly Burma, it's only recently opened for tourism. That means getting around, finding somewhere to stay and connecting to Wi-Fi will be considerably more difficult than usual. But the beautiful temples, deserted paradise beaches and welcoming people will make it more than worth the effort.

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