15 of the World's Most Peaceful Countries ...

Do you know which are the world’s most peaceful countries? Every year since 2007, the Global Peace Index has been issued by the Institute for Economics and Peace and is a measurement of peacefulness of countries and regions based on internal and external measures. The good news is that now, overall, the world has become a more peaceful place. Here are the top 15 world’s most peaceful countries according to the Global Peace Index.

1. Iceland

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Iceland has a history of being one of the world’s most peaceful countries, staying out of the world’s major conflicts. It rarely hits the headlines and apart from the collapse of the Icelandic banks a few years ago, it’s remained as nothing but a place of stunning natural beauty. Visitors from all over the world travel to the land of Fire and Ice to view its raging volcanoes and huge glaciers, as well as its unique cultural attractions in the capital Reykjavik.

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